Self Storage Land Development isn’t as Anti-Mother Nature as You Think

Mia Iverson | February 3, 2011 @ 11:26 AM

Ok, so sometimes you get that guilty nag at the back of your head when you walk into a storage facility. You soak in all the slabs of concrete, the land that was developed to help you store your excess belongings, and the cost it is imposing on the beautification of your city or town. But think again. In Hawaii, one self storage owner is taking land development into his own hands and encouraging the preservation of natural beauty and the lush soil it has to offer. Inside Self Storage reports that Ed Olsen, chairman of A-American Storage Management Co. Inc., "has entered entered into a voluntary conservation easement agreement with the newly formed Hawaiian Islands Land Trust to protect 1,276 acres of land on the slopes of Oahu's Waianae mountains. The agreement also covers 907 acres in the Big Island's Kau district." This agreement not to develop the land even excludes power lines and will allow the land to remain unscathed to the three small ranchers who have been cultivating the area. Do you think land developers are doing enough for your community? Do you think the expansive growth of the self storage industry in your area is out of control? Sound off below!

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