Self Storage: Save Space and Money for Your Business

GuestBlogger | October 15, 2013 @ 10:27 AM

In this guest blog, Brent Nau of Assured Self Storage outlines some of the reasons self storage might be a smart, cost effective and secure solution to space problems for your growing business. You can find more of Brent's work on Facebook and see one of his infographics in action here.

Cost Control Off-site storage gives you the option of deciding on how much extra room you need at a rate that's substantially less than commercial floor space. Even traditional warehouses are more expensive than storage units, and they don't offer the same level of security. You might need that much space someday, but self-storage lets you control the cost of square footage. Month-to-month leasing provides flexibility, and most facilities offer long-term lease discounts. You don't have to be an accountant to add up the savings, but your bookkeeper will be happy with the numbers. Off-Site Security Locked doors at the office keep your business secure, and a self-storage facility offers the same level of protection with additional features. The safeguards start at the front gate with keypad access. Most indoor units also require a key code to enter the building, and your individual unit has its own lock. Climate controlled storage units keep inventory, equipment and vital documents dry and dust-free while the unit's structure makes it virtually weatherproof. High fence enclosures, video surveillance and fire sprinkler systems add extra layers of security for all your business storage. Shrinking Space Closets and supply rooms eventually fill up, and the excess winds up on shelves or stacked in corners. It's a slow process, but it reaches a point where you're paying retail rent for floor space that doesn't have a return on investment. Self-storage lets expensive square footage in the office or store do its job. Look around your business, and imagine a storage unit's worth of floorspace suddenly available. Recouping that area frees it up for everything from equipment and workstations to new counters and product displays. Storage facilities make it easy to reclaim space so employees have room to do their job and customers can focus on the merchandise. Clutter Strategies Buying supplies in bulk helps hold down costs, and taking advantage of a special price on new inventory is a smart buying strategy. However, when boxes start crowding the hallway, it's time to rethink your game plan. Self-storage is an ideal tactic for fighting the war on clutter, and it works for furniture and equipment too. The world will never be paperless because you're legally required to keep documentation, and it's also important to have access to old records. Parking all that extra paperwork in a storage unit keeps it safe and easy to access. Best of all, it's not underfoot and overhead. Flexible Expansion As a business expands, so does the need for space, and you can count on the cost of commercial square footage growing too. Self-storage becomes a part of your business plan by providing long-term flexibility. You can enjoy special deals on badly needed inventory because a storage unit provides extra stocking space at an affordable rate. An increase in sales doesn't require warehousing; simply add another unit or choose a larger area. That same storage expansion can easily become an off-site distribution center that's convenient, secure and affords 24-hour access. As the need for any kind of storage grows, your options stay adjustable. Your business space is a valuable asset, but it doesn't have to come with a retail price tag. Affordable self-storage offers important security and easy access to everything from supplies and equipment to inventory and paperwork. Today's storage facilities let you enjoy flexibility in square footage options at a reasonable price, and that's a smart business storage solution. About the author: Brent Nau is a freelance content editor with Assured Self Storage, a self storage company in Dallas, Texas. He frequently writes about how individuals can get organized to live a better life. Storage box image from Photodune License: Royalty Free or iStock

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