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Save Up Surprises with Self Storage

Lesley Latham | November 16, 2010 @ 1:01 PM

Do you have mischievous children who just cannot wait until Christmas to find out what presents they'll get? When I was little, all of my friends knew exactly what gifts they were getting. They had honed their sleuth skills holiday after holiday, birthday after birthday. But not me. I was either an extremely good child (and I was) or I was simply boring. I never wanted to know what I was going to open on Christmas morning. Then one year around Christmas time, I was playing dress-up and needed some high heels to complete my ensemble. I got into my mother’s closet and accidentally spotted a plastic bag full of new toys. I was so distressed to have spoiled my surprise, my parents gave me all of the presents in the plastic bag early and later bought new presents for Christmas morning. Yes, I have awesome parents. And needless to say, I came to know closets as dark, fun-sucking caves whenever Christmas or my birthday came around. Parents must get creative around present-giving times in order to keep nosy children from ruining their surprises. Instead of hiding presents in the trunk of your car, in the garage, or burying them in the backyard, why not rent a storage unit for a month? Almost all storage facilities have month to month leases and small units, such as a 5x5, that would be perfect for hiding gifts. Or if you are like my parents and buy my little sister a car for Christmas (Again, my parents are awesome), it would be much easier to hide the car from her in a 10x20 storage unit than the garage next door to our house. My sister became extremely annoyed when we followed her outside every time she left the house the entire week before Christmas. Speaking of presents…Christmas is a popular time for organizations to arrange toy and gift drives. If your organization needs a place to keep the items until distribution, rent out a storage unit. Speak with the facility manager and if rules and laws permit, they might let participants drop off their contributions at the office. To find a storage facility in your area, visit To find a storage unit in your area, visit

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