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Krista Diamond | March 21, 2016 @ 5:47 PM

San Francisco is often referred to as the Paris of the West, so it stands to reason that most residents are sophisticated, educated and all about that joie de vivre. And speaking of educated, about 1.4% of the city’s population is made up by students. If you’re one of them and you’re in need of a little extra space, self storage can offer a relief from the woes of your crowded apartment (which, let’s be honest, you probably share with way too many other people thanks to San Francisco’s ridiculous cost of living). As a student trying to make it in one of the coolest albeit most challenging cities, you’ve got enough on your plate without having to figure out what storage unit is right for you. There are more than 150 storage facilities in and around San Francisco. Here’s what you need to consider when determining which one is right for you during your college years:

San Francisco Art Students and Storage

From Academy of Art University (the second largest property owner in the whole city) to The Art Institute of California-San Francisco, the Bay Area is filled with creative students. If you’re attending one of these schools or attending a private or public college with an excellent art program, your major is likely going to influence your storage needs. For example, if you’re studying fashion at the Academy of Art University and vying for a spot in the school’s annual showcase at New York Fashion Week (kind of a big deal), you’re going to need your designs to be in tip top shape. If you’re unable to store them in your dorm or at your apartment, consider using your storage unit as a sort of extra closet. One word of caution though: If your clothing designs include delicate fabrics like lace and you’re storing them for more than a month, you should opt for climate controlled storage and save yourself from the destructive powers of the moist San Francisco air. Studying animation at The Art Institute of California-San Francisco? The same advice applies to you when it comes to storing your art. Humidity in storage is a destructive force, but saying that it ruined your homework is akin to saying that your dog ate it.

Summer Break and Student Storage

Art students aren’t the only ones who need to consider climate controlled storage. If you’re headed elsewhere for summer break, you need to be aware of what the weather in San Francisco is going to be up to while you’re away. Despite the image of California as a land of perpetual sun, summers in San Francisco tend to be cool and wet. While the temperature itself isn’t going to have a huge detrimental effect on the items in your storage unit, the moisture certainly might. Store at a facility like Security Public Storage and you’ll not only have access to a climate controlled unit but you’ll also be getting some other student friendly amenities like online bill pay, which will help you stay current on your rent no matter where your summer travels take you. Another great option is Attic Self Storage. They offer climate control, online bill pay plus truck rental which is practically a lifesaver if you’re moving out of a dorm or apartment but you don’t have a car. Both of these facilities also offer boxes and supplies, which are some of the most overlooked items that can slow down a move. These two facilities also offer something else that’s crucial to making summer break stress free. And that brings us to our next point:

Security and Student Storage

One feature to look for in a storage unit is excellent security. Facilities like Security Public Storage and Attic Self Storage offer 24 hour cameras, which help keep your items safe. When you’re filling your storage unit, make sure to think about the icing on the cake: a good lock. Storage facilities recommend disc locks, but you can also consider a cylinder lock. Think about locking your storage unit like you would your bike. We all know that cable locks on bikes are easy to cut. Keyless locks (like the one you had on your locker in high school) are the cable locks of the storage world. They’re easy to remove with a pair of bolt cutters. In addition to a great lock, you need your facility to act as an extra layer of security. You can start by choosing a facility in a safe area, but be practical and factor in convenience rather than getting freaked out by local articles about bad neighborhoods. Make sure your facility has a fence around it, is well lit and has a manager who walks the property and is aware of who’s coming and going. Taking these additional steps might seem tedious when you’ve got summer break on your mind, but they’ll be worth it once you realize that your summer study abroad program doesn’t have to include worrying about the safety of your storage unit.

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