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San Diego, CA University Storage

Krista Diamond | March 21, 2016 @ 8:26 PM

Once you start doing your homework on colleges in San Diego, you’ll notice that there are a few schools that all sound like the same place: San Diego State, UC San Diego and the University of San Diego. Another thing these three colleges (and all San Diego colleges) have in common is that they all have students who can benefit from using storage. If you’re a traditional university student who’s been living at home for the past 18 years, the concept of storage might be pretty unfamiliar to you. Don’t worry, we’re going to point you in the right direction so that you can get back to kicking it on the beach (we mean...studying).

Summer Storage

What’s the main thing students need storage for? Summer break. Let’s face it; shipping your stuff home is not just annoying, it’s costly. Once early spring hits, look for flyers around your campus advertising student specials for summer. Often these include discounted rent or the option of making a one time low payment for the whole summer (trust us, it’s nice to not have to deal with monthly bills). Facilities like Secure Self Storage even offer student discounts year round. Storage in San Diego is actually already pretty tight, so you can imagine how much demand goes up once students start looking for space for the summer. Find storage as early as you can and have a list of several different facilities within your budget that way you can be quick on the draw if your first choice is already full. If you’re storing extra clothing, books, sports equipment and a few stray pieces of small furniture for the summer, you’ll probably want a 5x5 unit (it’s like having an extra closet). In San Diego, these typically rent for around $55 a month. If you can find one for under $50, snag it. If the only one you can find is over $70, consider looking elsewhere unless it’s A) In an amazing location or B) Your only option. Another important consideration for summer storage is whether or not you need climate control. Because San Diego is so close to the ocean, the moisture and salt in the air can damage items in storage even if they’re only there for a few months. If you’re storing items made of metal, this can lead to rust. Examples of items that need climate control include bicycles, musical instruments, artwork, photographs, and some types of furniture (think leather and antique wood). Many facilities in San Diego offer indoor storage, underground storage and various options for climate control which will keep your stuff safe and sound and in great condition all summer long.

San Diego Student Budgets and Storage

Look, we know that San Diego is expensive. We know that college is expensive. When you put the two together, you’ve got a combination that only seems to benefit people who enjoy eating Ramen noodles for every single meal of the day. Can you afford storage? Fortunately, storage unit pricing in San Diego seems to benefit students more than anyone. Because you typically need less space than other users (like military members who have been relocated and often need larger units for furniture), you’re probably looking at getting a 5x5 unit or smaller. These size units actually are pretty comparable to the national average (unlike the cost of everything else in San Diego). Another way you can save money is by going in on a storage unit with a friend or boyfriend. Other cost cutters include seeking out a facility that offers something unexpected to save you money. If you rent with Atlas Storage, you can take advantage of a free truck and driver. We don’t know about you, but we think having something like this is a lot cheaper than paying for a mover and a lot easier than having to beg your friend with a truck to help you move your couch in exchange for beer.

Students and Security

This last part is especially important if you’re storing your stuff all summer long and you won’t be visiting your unit until the fall. Don’t be like one San Diego storage user who had a padlock cut and lost some of their belongings to theft. Know how to choose a good lock (Spoiler alert: It’s definitely not a padlock) or rent at a facility that knows how to choose a good one for you. You should also prioritize facilities that offer indoor, upper level storage units over outside units as these are inherently harder to break into and they’re safer from the elements. Other security considerations include a facility with good lighting at night, 24 hour cameras and a reliable fence. You’ll wanted gated access, preferably with an individualized code. Choose a unit that makes you feel good about leaving your stuff there for a few months and your summer vacation will be even more relaxing

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