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Lubabah Memon | March 21, 2016 @ 4:11 PM

Being a part of the military means that you have signed up for a pretty unstable life.  You’ll have to move around a lot and continuously adjust to new places over the course of your career, but you don’t want to take your furniture everywhere you go.  Consider using self storage for when you have to make a quick move, or if you just want to have more room to move around in your home.  There are a lot of storage units in Salt Lake City, but there are also a lot of military bases in the area, which means more competition for units.

Using Storage as a Military Member

Hill Air Force Base is one of the largest military bases in the immediate Salt Lake City Area; it’s about 30 miles north of the city.  It’s the sixth largest and most important employer in Utah and is home to 5,500 active military personnel, 13,000 civilians, 4,000 contractors, and 1,200 reservists.  The base is big enough to accommodate all of its inhabitants, but not necessarily big enough to accommodate all of their stuff.  With it being one of the biggest employers in Utah, people are always coming and going, and temporarily staying in the area for the duration of their jobs.  There are 77 storage facilities in Salt Lake City, which means there are about 42,350 units.  That’s definitely a lot more units than are needed for the people at this base!  But don’t forget that the proximity of the base to the city makes all of the things in the surrounding area open to the general public as well.  Along with the other two military bases in the city, military personnel will also be competing for storage space with students, visitors, and other civilians that don’t live on the base.

Where to Store and How to Keep your Stuff Safe

If you live on the Hill Air Force Base and are looking to find a storage unit near you, check out Alpine Self Storage.  The facility is 3.9 miles away, has three managers on site, video surveillance, and a computerized gate.  These things are very important to look for when considering the security of storage facilities.  If you’re storing things like guns and ammunition, you may want to consider going to Regency Safe Storage, a facility that is 4.7 miles away.  It’s a little farther, but its security is even more foolproof than that of Alpine Self Storage.  In addition to all of the security measures offered by Alpine Self storage, Regency Safe Storage also has motion sensors, infrared cameras, and all units are enclosed with remote gate access.


When you’re in the military, it’s common to find out that you’re being deployed at a moment’s notice.  You’re not going to have time to check on anything before you leave, let alone your storage unit.  Lucky for you, the government has provided active military members that have been deployed with protection from having the contents of their unit auctioned off if they default on their monthly payments.  If you’re in a foreign country and don’t have access to the internet to get to your online bill pay account, you don’t have worry about losing the things in your unit and are actually legally protected from it.

Even Military Members Need Some Flexibility

Flexibility is another big thing that all military members absolutely need when considering a storage facility.  The nature of your job is really transient, so you might need to change your storage facility when you switch bases.  Storage facilities offer month-to-month leases, so you’re not tied down to one place and don’t have to pay a huge fee to break your lease if you just signed one for a year only to find that you suddenly have to leave in a month.

You also need flexibility in terms of being able to access your storage unit at odd times.  When you’re training all day, you won’t have time to run to your storage unit to get your belongings until after hours.  Look for a facility that allows for 24-hour access so you’re not stressed about getting to your things when you should be focusing on target practice.

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