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Protecting Your Books in Self-Storage Units

storelocal | July 20, 2016 @ 8:50 AM

Books can be difficult to part with, especially if we plan to read them again or if they are part of a personal collection. However, books can also take up a lot of space, especially if you live in a smaller home or apartment. A good solution for decluttering your home while holding onto your books is to rent a Corona storage unit. If this is the case and you intend to store books in a storage facility, you want to ensure that they remain free from damage. How can you do this? In short, you want to prevent a lot of moisture from reaching your personal book collection. According to an article from the Library of Congress, the following are guidelines they suggest to properly store your books and keep them safe:
● Maintain a cool and relatively dry temperature without exceeding 35 percent humidity;
● Minimize the exposure of your books to light;
● Keep your books away from radiators and vents;
● Keep your books free of dust;
● Storebooks of similar size together; and
● Keep books upright or lying flat (not leaning).
How can you accomplish these proper storage techniques in a storage unit? The following outlines different techniques you can utilize for maintaining your book collection.

Keep Your Storage Unit Free of Moisture

One of the first things you need to do to prevent damage to your books is to limit the amount of moisture that can reach the items. You should consider renting an indoor unit, as this can help with moisture. In addition to being inside, you are also allowed to adjust the humidity in your unit. There are also a couple of simple things you can do to help prevent your books from being housed in a humidity level that could be damaging:
● Use charcoal briquettes in your storage unit: charcoal briquettes absorb moisture, and placing a small basket or bucket of them in your space can help to soak up moisture. You will need to replace them every month to two months, however, to keep them fresh. Ensure that you do not use briquettes that have been pre-soaked in lighter fluid.
● Use cat litter: similar to using charcoal briquettes, putting kitty litter in your storage unit might not sound like an obvious solution to moisture prevention, but placing an open container of cat litter in your space will absorb moisture and help to prevent mold and/or mildew from growing in your unit. As with the charcoal briquettes, you will need to change out the litter on a relatively regular basis (every few weeks) to keep it fresh and effective.

Properly Pack and Place Your Books

How else can you keep your books free from damage? Preventing harm actually starts when you begin packing. Place books of similar size together, and keep the books lying flat. It is also a good idea to use small boxes in which your books will fit snugly. Once you get the boxes to your storage unit, be sure to keep them away from any vents or areas where heat or air can reach them easily. Typically, placing boxes of books in the center areas of your storage unit is ideal.

Contact a Corona Storage Unit Facility

When you are seeking out a storage unit for your books, you should keep in mind that the best storage facility can offer customized options to fit your needs. Get in touch with a Corona self-storage facility today.

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