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Lubabah Memon | March 24, 2016 @ 12:18 PM

Taking an RV vacation is probably one of the most relaxing getaways anyone could hope for.  However, sometimes packing for an RV adventure can be tough.  It can be very exhausting trying to gather everything you need, packing, and getting on the road in time to actually enjoy the trip.  You also have to take into account driving your RV to the park, which can be horrendous if you’re driving through downtown Pittsburgh’s streets.  To make your trip a more enjoyable experience, we suggest that you store your RV in a storage facility near your favorite RV park.  If you’re concerned about parting with your love, we’ll calm your fears and show you how safe and convenient it is.

Keeping Your Vehicles Out of Danger

RVs and boats are hard to hide when they’re sitting out in the open in front of your house.  Everyone in the neighborhood and anyone who passes by can see that you have something extremely valuable sitting outside, vulnerable to thieves.  There’s no reason to be alarmed, but you should definitely be more cautious.  If you put your RV or boat in storage, you will not only prevent it from theft, but you will also protect it from outdoor damage.  Kids who are playing in the neighborhood might accidently break a window or ram a bike into it.  There’s also a chance of it being hit or scratched by a car.  The humid summers and snowy winters can also cause more wear and tear than is necessary.  Putting your RV indoors would prevent it from any damage of this sort, making your investment a safe one.

Theft is also a major concern because of Pittsburgh having an annual property crime of 10,235 crimes.  Look for a storage facility that offers 24-hour video surveillance, security guards, on-site managers, an electronic gate system around the grounds, units with individual alarms on them, and good lighting.  Most facilities offer some combination of these things, so you’re likely to find something that will meet your standard of security.

RV Parks in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has some great RV parks with breathtaking views of the countryside. Mountain Top Campground is a park that is only a 30 minute drive from downtown, so it’s far enough from the city for you to feel like you got a chance to get away, but close enough for you to enjoy nearby sporting events, dining, shopping, shows, museums, and more.  If this is a park that you’re interested in, consider storing at Deer Creek Self Storage, which is 8.4 miles away.  This facility has video surveillance and allows you to access your unit seven days a week.  You can also store your vehicles at 28 Storage, which is 5.1 miles away from the park.  They offer a referral program in which you get one month of rent-free storage if you refer a friend that ends up storing with them.  That’s a pretty good deal if you ask us!

Fox Den Acres Campground is also a great RV park in the area.  This campground has a sports field for you to have some friendly competition with your RV neighbors, a game room, a lake for water activities, and fire rings for you to have a nice s’mores night with a round of kumbaya.  If you’re considering making some trips to this park over the summer, store your vehicles and other recreational equipment at 5 Star Storage, which is 10.2 miles away from the park.  This facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Storage Central LLC is another great facility, and is only two miles away.  No matter which RV park you go to, you’re bound to find a few storage facilities in the area, so do some research and take your pick.

Getting to Your RV

One of the first things that comes to mind when considering storage is the lease agreement.  We are all reluctant to sign leases, especially ones that are long term.   However, the best part about storage facilities is that they offer month-to-month leases, which is great because you have no long term commitment.

Flexible leases are important, but you should also look for flexible access hours.  A lot of facilities allow you to access your unit 24 hours a day, which is exactly what you should look for because you don’t want to have to plan around the facility’s hours while you’re on vacation.  It would be a shame to have to miss a beautiful sunset on the river because you have to get your RV back to storage before 5pm.

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