Phoenix, AZ: Top Things to Know About Storage

Krista Diamond | April 25, 2016 @ 2:48 PM

But it’s a Dry Heat…

Yes, Phoenix is hot. Face meltingly hot. Fry an egg on the pavement hot (please don’t). Phoenix sits in The Valley of the Sun, and all of those rays make for long, hot summers with highs above 110 and more days above 100 than any other city. Yikes. There’s also this whole urban heat island thing. Basically, the high daytime temperatures cook the sidewalks and buildings and that heat is stored and later radiated after dark to make for some pretty hot nights. So what does that mean for self-storage? Two words: climate control. There are different types of climate control and different reasons to upgrade to it or do without it. Because climate control is much more important if you’re searching for storage in a hot, humid climate like Texas or Louisiana, you’ll want to make sure you actually need it before choosing it. Items that require climate controlled storage include (but are not limited to) electronics, antique furniture, plastic, film, artwork, musical instruments and wine. If you have questions about whether or not your stuff needs climate control, talk to the staff at the storage facility you’re considering. Trust us, storage facility managers have seen it all, so no question is too small. Because of the popularity of climate controlled storage in Phoenix, it’s a pretty easy amenity to find and it’s usually very affordable. Even if you’re not sure whether or not you need it, the cost is probably well within your budget. For example, at East McDowell Storage Solutions, you can get a climate controlled 3x4 unit for just $15 a month. A larger climate controlled 5x5 unit is just $49 a month. Even a massive 7x10 unit is just $79 a month.

You Won’t Get Lost

So we’ve already established that self-storage is pretty affordable in Phoenix, but you should also know that it’s widely available. You can search more than 200 facilities in Phoenix through us and reserve the right unit online. On a budget? Consider how easy it is to get around Phoenix and then consider broadening your search for storage to include facilities that aren’t necessarily right down the street from your house. We hear that you can get from one side of the city to the other in about a half hour. And considering how big Phoenix is, that’s really saying something. In fact, Phoenix is frequently commended for having the best, least congested freeways in the country. The city layout is on a very precise grid system which allows people to use surface streets just as much as they use highways. If you won’t be visiting your storage unit often (or even if you will be), use Phoenix’s commuter friendly reputation to your advantage and find the best storage facility with the best prices regardless of location. And to make things even more accessible, opt for one that offers 24 hour access.

Monsoons and Haboobs

Self-storage exists to give you extra space and keep your stuff safe, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of Phoenix’s occasional weather hazards and how they affect your unit. During the monsoon season, which typically lasts from mid June through the end of September, heavy rain can cause flash floods. Talk to your storage facility manager about what measures he or she takes to prevent rainwater from damaging storage units. If you’ve rented a drive-up, outdoor unit, consider placing items on pallets or anything else that’s non-absorbent and will raise important items off of the ground. Additionally, make sure that your storage facility manager has the correct and best contact information for you, so that in the event of an incident that puts the items in your storage unit at risk, you’ll be notified in time to do some damage control. And lastly, if you see a big ball of dust in the sky that looks like that thing from The Mummy, pick a different day to visit your outdoor storage unit. It’s called a haboob and it’s basically just a big concentrated dust storm created by the winds blowing at each other. You’re better off not driving in it, and you certainly don’t want dust getting all over anything that you’re putting in or taking out of your storage unit.

Storage for the Phoenix Outdoorsman

It’s no secret that Arizona is a great state to live in if you love hiking, biking and camping. Besides the Grand Canyon (less than four hours away), nearby opportunities for fun outside are available in Tonto National Forest and South Mountain Park. You can also hit up Camelback Mountain via the Cholla Trail or the Echo Canyon Trail and take in some amazing views. As a resident of one very flat city, whatever hike you take will leave you feeling accomplished. Renting a small, climate-controlled storage unit will give you a little extra space for all of that gear. Read up on how to properly store it and then get out there and start enjoying all of the mountain views, cacti and wildlife that the Sonoran Desert has to offer. Just be sure to keep an eye out for scorpions and snakes!

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