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Jon Fesmire | March 21, 2016 @ 2:28 PM

Founded on October 27, 1682, Philadelphia is one of the oldest American cities. It’s the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, home to the Liberty Bell, and was considerably influenced by Benjamin Franklin himself.

Look For 24-Hour Access

While many RV owners would prefer to keep their second homes parked on the street, this is rarely allowed. Unless you have a driveway large enough to park your RV, chances are, you will need to rent a good self-storage space for it. Philadelphia has 118 self-storage facilities, 19 of which have space for RVs and boats. Vacationing in an RV is unlike any other traveling experience. While you might leave early and come in late with any time of trip, to do this with an RV, you’ll need to have 24 hour access to its self-storage space. After all, you may want to leave at 5:00 am to beat the commuter traffic, and you may get back home after your final, long day, and get back to Philadelphia at 2:00 am. So, when looking for a RV storage facility, ask first about 24-hour access.

Security Concerns

Philadelphia has a crime index of 10, which means that crime there is pretty high, about three times worse than the average for Pennsylvania. That doesn’t mean you or your RV will be the victim of a crime, but it behoves you to make sure your RV is safe. If you’re curious about crime in Philadelphia, Neighborhood Scout has more information. RV self-storage can range from an outdoor gated parking lot to a fully enclosed and locked unit. There’s more to consider than you might think, and our article on storage security systems can help you sort through them. So second, ask prospective facilities what the parking is like for RVs and what security measures are in place.

Flexible Leases

Everyone likes to save money. One way that some RV facilities help with this is by offering flexible leases. Essentially, with such a lease, when you go on vacation, you won’t have to pay as much for your RV storage space. This will allow you more money for all the fun events you’ll surely want to take part of while traveling elsewhere in the United States, so put this on your questions list.

Ask About Amenities

Finally, ask what special amenities each facility has for RVs. For example, some offer sewage removal, or to fill up your water systems.The right extras can save you time when you’re heading out for a trip or coming home.

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