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Jon Fesmire | March 21, 2016 @ 2:11 PM

“The Beautiful City,” “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” these names and others describe an amazing place with warm weather and plenty to do. Of course, if you’re an RV owner, you no doubt love getting out of the city as well.

Orlando has 148 self-storage facilities, 40 RV of which have RV and boat storage. There’s much to consider when looking for a facility, so read on.

Consider 24 Hour Access

Going on vacation in an RV is different than any other traveling experience, in part, because you will probably leave early and get back extremely late, and have to access a storage facility to do so. You’ll leave before dawn to avoid commuter traffic, and arrive well past when most businesses have closed. So, one of your qualifications for an RV self-storage facility is that it should be open 24 hours. Even if you’re going somewhere local, like an RV park near Disney World for the week, 24 hour access might be critical to your plans as the parks often close at midnight.

Opting for a Flexible Lease

Going on an extended RV trip includes paying for a camping sites and possibly for extra amenities, going out to eat probably more than you do normally, and paying for attractions. If you can pay less or nothing at all for your storage space during that time, then take advantage of this. Ask if your facility offers flexible leases. Also, find out how you can manage your storage space and payments online, to make life easier while on the road. As a side note, many RV and boat storage facilities have a sewage station, can fill up your water before you go, and maybe more.

Why Security Matters in Orlando

The idea of parking your RV in front of your home is probably appealing, as you can check on it as often as you like. However, most areas don’t allow RV street parking (though driveway parking is usually fine.) Still, chances are, your second home will be safer in the right self-storage facility. Crime in Orlando is nearly twice what it is in the rest of Florida, which is already considerably higher than in the rest of the United States. So, it would behove you to make sure the self-storage facility you choose has solid security. You can find more crime data for Orlando on Neighborhood Scout. RV self-storage can range from an outdoor gated parking lot to a fully enclosed and locked unit. Learn more about storage security systems, then compare what different facilities offer. In the right facility, your RV should be perfectly safe.

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