New Year, New Solutions

Mia Iverson | January 3, 2011 @ 1:57 PM

It’s January of a new year and it’s time to make that list, promising a better self by 2012. Probably among the items listed will be to eat healthier, exercise, partake in a forgotten hobby, set an unrealistic goal, and perhaps organize a space of yours that has gotten out of hand. When going through the physical clutter of life, you must ask yourself some questions before discarding your belongings in either the ‘Trash’ or ‘Store’ pile. “Do I have an electronic copy of this? Is this of sentimental or great monetary value? Will these be in fashion 10 years from now?” Check out Karena Simon’s blog over at Organize ‘N Refine to help you narrow down your belongings. Once you’ve discerned what will be going into storage, you’ll want to make sure that you are storing your things properly. Improper storage may result in the damage of your treasured possessions. Take a look at the tips and articles has written on this throughout the years: Antique Map Storage Store Your Collectibles so Mom Doesn’t Throw Them Away Packing Paper General Tips and Articles Many storage items are available at Target, The Container Store, and Lineco. Make sure to look for phrases like “air tight”, “anti-fungal”, “archival”, “museum quality” and so on.  The last thing you want is your documents at the uncompromising hands of mold, insects, and constant temperature changes. Next, find the storage facility that’s right for you. Do your items need to be kept at a certain temperature? Want 24-hr surveillance? At you can search by address, state, or zip code and then narrow your search results down by amenities. It’s never been easier! Lastly, take one big sigh of relief as you look upon the restored order of your home. Happy New Year!

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