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Surviving a DITY/PPM Move

Whether you're retiring or involved in a Permanent Change of Station (PCS), Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) or Temporary Duty (TDY), moving is a necessary evil you'll have to face. When you're required to relocate in the military, moving can be an extremely stressful process for you and your family. Fortunately, unlike most moves you've probably made in the past, it’s possible the government will either pay for a contractor to pack or move your belongings, or you can embark on the reimbursable Do It Yourself (DITY)/Personally Procured Move (PPM) programs. Benefits of moving your belongings yourself, rather than using the assigned government contracted movers, include making money and the ability to take control over your moving process. Read More >>

Switching Apartments to Save Money

Looking to make a move in order to save some money? Maybe you quit your stuffy corporate job in pursuit of your art career, or you're just realizing that maybe signing that lease a year ago for your one bedroom downtown loft just wasn't such a fiscally responsible decision. Whatever your reason for wanting to downgrade, make sure you're taking into account the cost of moving before you automatically spring for the place that's $50 cheaper a month. Should you make the move? Read More >>