New Marijuana Laws…Changing the Self Storage Industry?

Sara Heins | November 20, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

Since the election, 18 states (plus D.C.) have now passed laws allowing people to possess and even grow their own marijuana for medicinal purposes. How can this possibly affect the self storage industry? Well… According to the November 2012 issue of the Self Storage Association Globe magazine, some storage facility managers are finding a way to help those with a medical marijuana license. Thomas Swett of A1 Heated Storage in Sedro-Woolly, Washington is taking this as an opportunity to adjust certain units for optimal growth. By making the slight changes to storage units to support the plant growth, Swett can get a significantly higher return and literally protect those who are legally allowed to grow weed. According to the article, Swett has “had friends go through a home robbery over medical marijuana. They were pistol whipped and robbed. This would never happen in a secure facility.” It’s a win-win for everyone involved, and apparently those with medicinal marijuana cards are the best tenants; they pay on time and even upfront! Don’t forget, even though it’s legal on the state level, those buzzkill Feds can still shut down the party. As a risky endeavor and something that could cause more than a few extra break-ins around storage facilities, this new trend may not stick. If the storage industry does decide to go this route, you’ll probably see some related changes: Taco Bells will certainly change their partnership from Pizza Hut to storage facilities.

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