Muskegon, MI: Top Things to Know About Storage

Lubabah Memon | June 24, 2016 @ 10:23 AM

Moisture All Around

When you’re in Muskegon, your skin will always feel a little sticky.  The year round humid climate keeps moisture abundant, making sure that there’s no dry season.  It gets very hot and humid during the summer, and cold and snowy during the winter.  The city is also accustomed to welcoming thunderstorms and moderate rain.  Overall, the weather here is typical of most cities in the northeast.

There are some pretty clear-cut rules you can follow for having a pleasant storage experience in Muskegon.  The most important feature that you should look for in a storage unit is climate control.  Given the extreme humidity that’s ever-present in the city, you should make sure that you can maintain certain temperatures and levels of humidity in your unit.  Humidity can cause rust, mold, and can breed pests, all of which you don’t want to have happen to your stuff.  With the humidity being so high in the city, you should also check to see what a particular storage facility’s pest control policy is.  The more strictly and frequently pest control practices are performed, the more likely your stuff is to be safe from tiny, unwanted visitors.  Lastly, find a facility that has heated loading/unloading zones.  Muskegon’s winters can get very cold, with temperatures frequently dipping below freezing.  Instead of having to delay trips to your unit to avoid the cold, find a place that can heat up the area a bit so your storage needs are not restricted by the weather.

Bring on the Harleys

Muskegon is a big biker town.  The city has multiple events throughout the year that highlight its residents’ love for bikes. Muskegon Bike Time is held annually in mid July, and the four-day celebration brings in a crowd of about 90,000 spectators.  People come to see over 75,000 bikes take scenic rides along Lake Michigan, perform in motorcycle and stunt shows, and come to check out motorcycle vendors.

Another local tradition that takes place every other year is the Hill Climb that’s hosted by the Muskegon Motorcycle Club every other year.  Motorcyclists climb up Mount Garfield to show off their bikes and thousands of people take part in the experience.

If you own a bike and live in the area, you’re probably wondering what you can do with your bike if you’re not using it year round, especially if it's a classic that you only take out every now and then.  The best thing you can probably do is put your bike in storage.  Doing so will help to keep it safe, clean, and out of the way.

You’ll have to take some precautions before putting your bike away, but it’s not a very complicated process.  Start with finding a facility that has climate controlled units.  Humidity and metal don’t get along very well, so make sure your bike has as little exposure as possible to its rust-inducing friend.  Next, you should make sure you have enough space to store safety equipment like your helmet, kneepads, and jacket along with your bike.

When you find the facility of your choice, be ready to show your proof of vehicle registration and insurance.  As a side note, do not plan on using your storage unit as a workshop—you will get kicked out of the facility!

If you’re going for outdoor storage, use a vinyl cover, tire locks, and see what tie down options you have available.  Find a facility that has 24-hour video surveillance or security guards so you know that your bike is being watched over at all times.  If you have the option, however, we would recommend storing in an indoor unit because it’s the best way to protect your bike from humidity.

Before putting your bike away, you’ll have to take care of a few little things.  First, remove gas from the fuel tank to prevent leaks and fire hazards, and check fuel lines and gaskets.  Be sure to lay down cardboard to protect the floor in case any leaks occur while your bike is in storage.  Also, tires must be in good, reliable condition and the vehicle must be in overall drivable condition or facilities won’t allow you to store with them.

By taking these basic precautions, you’ll be able to keep your bike in good condition for the next Muskegon Bike Time, Hill Climb, or just to take out for a spin when you feel like it.

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