Less Space, More Hybridization

Nickolay Lamm | September 21, 2013 @ 1:00 PM

The hybrid would most likely have predominantly white skin and may even have a small tusk. The hybrid shown above has a little bit of Narwhal coloring. &nbsp The hybrid's fur has more spots than the harbor seals, but is darker. Its body shape is similar to the Ringed Seal. &nbsp The hybrid looks like a Polar Bear cub but with some Grizzly colored fur. &nbsp The hybrid has splotches of brown and a more blunt snout. The ears are also smaller than a brown bear. &nbsp The hybrid is mostly white, with some of the Hooded Seal Pup's coloration. &nbsp "When they cross-breed, their babies are southern-sized with mottled grey-white belly fur." - Mother Nature Network &nbsp The hybrid is darker and its hypothetical size is somewhere in between the Harbour and Dall's porpoise. &nbsp Please email nickolaylamm@gmail.com for high resolution images.

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