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Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2013

Sara Heins | October 15, 2013 @ 5:00 PM

Just because you've run out of time doesn't mean you have to be something lame like a sheet ghost or Mark Zuckerberg (for the third year in a row); trick your friends into thinking you actually made an effort this year with these trendy costumes. You can make all of these simple ensembles with items found around your house or storage unit.

Miley Cyrus

Drag out some 80's spandex from self storage, then give yourself some anime buns and bright red lipstick. Pro tip: Use the storage unit to practice and perfect your twerking skills in private before your big holiday reveal.

Doctor Who

Dalek Grab an old, dark dress. Glue some large cotton balls onto it. Find a (clean) plunger. Live only for death and despair. Pro tip: Yell "EX-TER-MI-NATE" at anyone and everyone in a robotic and commanding voice.

Game of Thrones

Hodor Grab an earth-toned snuggie and a brown backpack (that straps in the front). Place a large male doll inside the backpack; if you're doing it right, the only word you'll be allowed to say all night is "Hodor." Pro tip: Instead of a doll, give a piggyback ride to a 9-year-old child all night.

Breaking Bad

Walter White This is the modern version of the classic Tom Cruise from Risky Business costume. You just need some tighty-whities, a green button up shirt, some old man glasses and a fake gun. Pro tip: Bring some meth candy to hand out to all of your friends. Use your best judgment when handing it out to trick-or-treaters.


Hannah If you're a college student, dig out your summer clothes and throw on some "shorteralls" from last summer. Most hipster clothes will do, but you really nail this costume once you up your sense of entitlement by 200%. Pro tip: Call your parents and ask them to support your groovy lifestyle by sending you $1,100, every month, for the next two years.

Duck Dynasty

Willie Robertson Grab an American flag headband, take out the stuffing of old teddy bears and put it on your face as a beard (unless you can grow facial hair overnight). Grab your hunting season's camouflage clothes, and you, sir or ma'am, are ready to go. Pro tip: If the temperature is unseasonably warm, it is acceptable to rip off the sleeves of your camo jacket to cool down.


Creeper This one's for the procrastinators out there who are artistically inclined. Use some of old pieces of paper (ex: your Geology 100 homework you're still holding onto for whatever reason), tear them up into pieces, and go papier mache crazy on a box that's roughly the size of your head. You'll need at least a day or two to allow the mixture and any paint to dry, so the phrase "last-minute" is defined loosely here. Pro tip: With enough boxes, you can really excel at accessorizing your Minecraft costume.

Procrastinator's Gold Mine

The US Federal Government If you're feeling really lazy this Halloween, you can stay home and do nothing.

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