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Indianapolis, IN: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | March 24, 2016 @ 12:29 PM

The Layout of Indianapolis

Neighborhoods in Indianapolis are spread out. It isn’t a city like New York with high rises and skyscrapers everywhere. Yes, Indianapolis does have skyscrapers downtown, but most of the city ranges from suburban to rural. Indianapolis has 151 self-storage facilities with 83,050 units. The 465 freeway forms a large loop around the city, and many facilities are near the freeway along that circle. Indianapolis has about 850,000 residents. The ratio of 1 storage unit to 10 people is not bad, especially considering the low cost of housing that allows many people to have homes large enough to hold everything they own. In short, it’s not too difficult to find a facility close to home.

Indianapolis Weather

Indianapolis has freezing winters. Some years get little snow, some a lot. Summers though are guaranteed to be hot and intensely humid. You probably already know what this means: to protect your possessions, you will need a unit with climate control. Humidity can cause serious damage to most possessions, including electronics, paper records and books, and musical instruments. There are heavy thunder storms and raging winds between April and July, so opt for an indoor unit rather than a drive-up. Yes, it may be tougher to walk to your indoor unit, but at least you’ll be indoors, out of the weather, and your possessions will be safer. Finally, ask around and see if you can find a place with indoor parking. It’s not common, but it does exist in Indianapolis. Through much of the year, being outside in Indianapolis varies from uncomfortable to unbearable, so if you find a place that allows you to park indoors before unloading, treasure that facility.

Excellent Security is Critical

Make sure that the self-storage facility you choose has excellent security. Why? Unfortunately, while crime in Indiana is slightly lower than the national average, crime in Indianapolis is three times higher. A facility with a great security system such as gated access, keyed access to buildings, a camera system, alarms, and good lighting is ideal.


Indianapolis frequently has concerts, runs, and many other events happening. In fact, the city has hundreds of festivals every year. These events may or may not affect a trip to your self-storage unit. Just be aware of when things are happening in your area and if they involve a lot of traffic, and plan your visits to your unit accordingly.

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