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Improve Dorm Life by Maximizing Storage Space in Your College Dorm Room

GuestBlogger | February 6, 2014 @ 4:00 PM

Today's guest post was written by Keith Gillogly from DormCo! Even a large dorm room is still a small living space, no matter what campus you’re on or school you attend. Learning to live small can be a useful life skill, and to make dorm life as easy on yourself as you can, keep that little living space organized. To do just that, recognizing some simple ways to maximize storage space in your dorm room will be a great benefit. Your school won’t provide you with much in terms of dorm supplies and furniture. You’ll have a twin XL bed, a dorm desk and maybe a nightstand. While, no, you can’t fit very much furniture in your room, you can make sure that every square inch of that dorm room is being used efficiently.

The best ways to maximize dorm room space

  1. Start with the storage space under your bed. Fortunately, most beds for dorms sit on frames that are high up off the ground; this creates useful space. But to maximize that space, add some bed risers to the frame. Bed risers will raise that bed an additional 5”-8” typically, and while that might not seem like a lot, it could be the difference between having to keep your trunk for college in the middle of your floor or keeping it tucked under your bed. More height and storage space can’t hurt, so keep some bed risers on your shopping list for college.
  2. Take a look at your college closet. It too will be small. While you probably didn’t bring your whole wardrobe with you to college, add some more surface and storage space by including a hanging shelf organizer. Extra shelves can be useful for storing shoes, toiletries and all types of belongings. You can also use over-the-door hooks and hanging shelves to hold even more clothes, shoes and other college supplies.
  3. Add more dorm supplies. Although it might be contrary to common belief, these supplies can actually increase your overall organization. Include a small nightstand or table to bring more surface space for your school supplies, alarm clock, and other basic dorm items. Adding storage crates or a small cabinet will also provide a more organized place to keep items. If you lack these storage items, more stuff is bound to wind up on the floor!
The biggest tool you’ll have to keep your dorm room organized and making the most of your storage space is motivation to keep that living space clean! Even if you tend to keep a messy room, a disorganized dorm room in college will only make life harder. You’ll spend more time searching for things, making you late for class, and you’ll face a big headache when it comes to cleaning up. So do yourself a favor: keep your college dorm organized and maximize your storage space!

About DormCo:

DormCo is an online college dorm supplies store that carries anything and everything needed for college dorm life. From bedding to dorm furniture to cool dorm items you won’t find in stores, check out DormCo’s more than 4,500 college supplies and $2.95 shipping on orders.

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