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How to Store Patio Furniture

Krista Diamond | September 11, 2017 @ 9:41 AM

The leaves are turning crimson and there’s a sudden crispness in the air. Fall has arrived, and with it the promise of harvest festivals and pumpkin-flavored lattes. The autumn season also means that it’s time to put patio furniture into storage. If you’ve been enjoying the warm weather from your back deck, front porch or balcony and would like to do so again next summer, putting your outdoor furniture into a storage unit will ensure that it’s not adversely affected by cold weather, ice and snow.

Fortunately, storing patio furniture is as easy as a lazy summer day. Follow these foolproof tips to maintain your patio furniture for years to come.

Clean Patio Furniture First

No matter what you’re storing, you can always benefit by following this piece of quintessential self storage advice: take time to clean. For patio furniture, this means machine washing removable cushion covers (or hand-washing if you’re not sure that they’re machine washable). You should also hand wash pillows, umbrellas and other soft items with detergent, warm water and a sponge. Your outdoor rug is most likely machine washable (they’re designed to be durable), but you may hand wash it if you prefer. For chairs and tables, hand wash with water and outdoor cleaner concentrate.

Give all pieces of patio furniture and accessories ample time to air dry. Putting damp items into self storage can cause mold, rust and attract pests, so it’s important to make sure all items are dry.

Restore Damages

After cleaning, inspect all patio furniture for scratches and rust. Light rust can be removed with a wire brush, and more serious rust can be removed with steel wool dipped in rust stripper. For plastic or metal furniture, brush lightly with the same kind of wax you’d use for your car.

It’s important to fix any scrapes or rusty areas, as these damages could worsen in self storage. If something is beyond repair, you might want to consider getting rid of it and investing in something new. Summer items, like patio furniture, are often on sale in the fall, so this could be a great opportunity to buy something you love and put it in storage until next year.

Cover Patio Furniture

A storage unit is a great way to give your patio furniture protection from the elements, but that doesn’t mean your favorite pieces won’t benefit from a little extra protection. Cover patio furniture with furniture covers to keep them free from dust and debris. You may also want to consider choosing a storage unit with climate control as this will keep your patio furniture safe from freezing winter temperatures and moisture in the air. This is one obvious advantage that self storage has over your shed or garage; you can regulate the temperature and humidity so that you don’t have to worry about cracking, molding, rust or other types of weather-related damage.

Self Storage Tips

After choosing the right size storage unit with the features you need, take the time to make sure that your patio furniture, cushions, outdoor rug and other necessities are raised off of the ground. This allows for ample ventilation.

You should also consider choosing a storage facility that offers online bill pay, so that on those snowy winter days, there’s no need to leave the coziness of your home to drop a check in the mail. Just in case you do need to visit your storage unit during the winter months, keep your facility’s hours handy and find out what their plans are for snow removal.

Happy storing! Your furniture will certainly appreciate a long winter’s nap. It’ll be patio season again before you know it.

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