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How to Store Christmas Decorations

Jon Fesmire | January 4, 2021 @ 9:00 AM

The Christmas season is winding down! Soon, it will be time to pack away your tree and decorations for another year. There’s such a variety of holiday items and  simply stuffing them all into boxes isn’t a great solution. That’s bound to damage them, and so many decorations are delicate.

Here are some helpful hints for storing garlands, lights, ornaments, and more.

The Ornaments

Let’s start by taking down the Christmas tree. First, you’ll need to remove the ornaments and pack them properly for storage.

One of the best ways to store ornaments is in an ornament storage bin. There are many brands. Some are large boxes with separate layered sections inside. Each of these layers has compartments for individual ornaments. There are also single-layer, compartmentalized bins that stack. Consider wrapping each ornament in packing paper for extra protection, and keeping similar ornaments together. You may keep the ball ornaments on a layer or two, your Disney character ornaments on another, and so on.

The String Lights

String lights look amazing all over a Christmas tree, but the cords tangle easily. A good way to store them is with a Christmas light reel. These are reels, similar to tape dispensers. Simply wind your string of lights around one and call it good. They often come with storage bags to keep your lights secure for the next year.

The Tree

Have a tree storage bag in which to store your tree. Many artificial trees are built in sections. If yours is, take these apart, starting with the top section first. Wrap a cut of ribbon around a branch on each section and with a Sharpie pen, write on each ribbon a number for the section. This will make it easier to put together later.

Next, put the center pole into the storage bag with the sharp end pointed toward the middle of the bag. This way, it can’t puncture the bag itself. Then put in the stand and branch sections. Zip it and it’s ready to go into storage.

The Wreaths

Whether you have one wreath or a dozen, a good way to store them is on hooked hangers. These come in the shape of the letter S. One hook goes down and around the top of the wreath, and the other hangs from a rod. If you have shelving in your unit, you can hang the wreathes off it, or you can hang them on a clothing rack, perhaps with seasonal clothing like jackets.

The Figurines

Many people like putting out figurines for Christmas, such as angels or a nativity scene. These tend to be quite delicate. Plastic bins work for storing these as long as you wrap each figurine or piece in thick layers of packing paper. Then, place them carefully in the bin, and when you’re done, if there are empty spaces left, fill them in with extra crumpled paper. Use small to medium bins so they’re not too heavy.

The Stockings and Garlands

Stockings, garlands, and various extras can also go into plastic bins. Wrap packing paper around each garland then roll them up individually and place them in a bin. You can place the stockings, Christmas cards, and similar items on top before putting on the lid.

You can then put all your Christmas items in storage. If you don’t have a storage unit and plan to get one, we encourage you to find one with climate control. This will keep all your things, seasonal or otherwise, safe from extremes in temperature and humidity so they remain in great shape all year.

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