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How to Store and Organize Makeup

Jon Fesmire | June 1, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

Having trouble finding the right foundation or lipstick in the morning? Well, don’t worry, we have some helpful suggestions for getting your makeup organized.

First, it’s important to remember that makeup expires, especially after opening. Air, bacteria, and other factors age it and, over time, it can become an irritant to your skin. In general, blush, foundation, primer, and eyeshadow last for about two years. Once opened, lipstick lasts for about one year. Finally, liquid eyeliner and mascara last the least amount of time, approximately three months. Keep in mind though that it’s especially warm or humid where you live, bacteria can thrive, and your makeup won’t last as long.

Here are some helpful ways to organize your makeup at home.

Spice Racks for Perfume

There are a variety of spice racks for kitchen spices, some of which come with a large collection. Some, especially those shaped like miniature bookcases, can work great as a place to display your perfume collection. (Fortunately, perfume lasts longer than other beauty products, from three to five years.)

Hanging Shoe Organizers for Brushes

These are made to hang your collection of shoes against the inside of your closet door, but they work well for hanging a variety of items. Hair products belong on the list of what to keep in a shoe organizer, too. This goes not only for brushes, but for curlers, hairdryers, and hair spray. You can fit one per pocket and have enough for all your major hair styling needs.

Clear Acrylic Boxes

These boxes are available in a large range of sizes and shapes. You can use them to store a variety of types of makeup. They work well because it’s easy to see what’s inside before you get it out.

We think they work best for lipstick, eyeliners, and mascara. Look for acrylic boxes with drawers or particularly short boxes in which you can put your makeup in a row. Ideally, you can have one box, or drawer, for each type of makeup in this section.

Apothecary Jars for Brushes

You see apothecary jars often at the doctor containing cotton balls and the like. They’re glass, and their lids have a ball handle at the tip. These are readily available at houseware stores. You can keep your makeup brushes in them, and that will keep the brushes free of excess dust as well as display them for your convenience. Add a couple of inches of coffee beans to the bottom and push the brush handles into them. This will keep the brushes from falling over.

Instead of apothecary jars, you can use ball mason jars or old candle holders. The trick of pouring in some unground coffee beans works in these containers, too.

Magnetic Strip for Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are great for keeping your hair in place while you style it, but it can be a pain fishing one out of a container of many. Instead, put an adhesive magnetic strip on the wall by where you do your hair and add a row of bobby pins. At the end, add nail clippers and nail files. Just remember to disinfect your clippers and nail files after you use them.

Drawer Organizers for Your Vanity

If you’re having trouble keeping various types of makeup from mingling in your makeup or vanity drawer, add in some drawer organizers. These can be small plastic bins, available at most dollar stores, each of which can hold a different type of item, or drawer dividers, available in different heights and sizes at places like The Container Store, which are like extra little walls you put up in your drawer to keep items in their place.

This works well for separating bobby pins, blush, eyeliner, and so on.

In Self Storage, Use Climate Control

Makeup shouldn’t be stored long term, and in general, you shouldn’t have so much that you need to keep it in a storage unit. However, perhaps you’re moving and need to keep it in storage for a week or so. In that case, we highly recommend you get a unit with climate control. You don’t want lipstick to melt or any of your products to dry out or crack. Climate control is air conditioning for your belongings, and it will keep the temperature and humidity in a safe range for nearly all your belongings.

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