How to Choose RV Storage

Jon Fesmire | August 8, 2019 @ 9:38 AM

Traveling and camping in an RV can be great fun. Some people enjoy it so much that they choose to live in their RVs full time. Most RV owners, however, need a place to park their RV for periods of time.

Putting your RV in a good self storage facility is the best option. This will keep it better protected from potential thieves and, depending on the type of storage you rent, safe to varying degrees from the weather.

Read on for how to pick the right self storage space for your RV.


Before you start thinking about what sort of RV storage to choose, you’ll need to know what’s available. Start with a search of self storage facilities in your area. Find those that offer RV storage, then check their websites or call for more detailed information. You can ask about the categories we’re about to cover here, then decide what would work best for your RV.

Short or Long Term

There are a couple of good reasons to put your RV in storage. A major one is that most neighborhoods don’t allow RV parking on the street, and while you may be able to park it in your driveway, you may not feel like it’s very safe there. That said, perhaps you do have a good place to park it at home and you need somewhere to keep it safe from the elements during the winter.

You’ll want to pick a type of storage that protects your vehicle adequately.

Types of Spaces

There are three types of RV self storage, and what you find will depend on what’s available in your area. Those types are fully indoor storage, covered open-air storage, and uncovered parking.

Fully indoor storage is the best, but the most expensive. With this type, your RV will be indoors and safe from the elements. Spaces range from 10x25 to 10x30. This may be a room for your RV alone, or it may be in a warehouse with other RVs.

Covered open-air storage is outdoors, but there’s a roof over your RV. These spaces are similar to parking spaces at many apartment complexes. It will keep your vehicle relatively well protected from the elements, but not as well as fully indoor storage, so make sure to wax your RV if you choose this type. Covered open-air storage also costs less per month than fully indoor storage.

With uncovered parking, you get a space in an RV parking lot. It has no overhead protection, and may be in a paved or unpaved lot. Here, you get what you pay for, and it will cost less than the other types.


When you’re ready for an RV trip, you’ll want fast access to your RV. So, consider the hours that the facility is open. Ideally it will be open for you to retrieve your RV 24/7. Look for facilities open from about 6 am to 10 pm. That way, when you leave your home early to start your trip you can quickly pick up your RV, and when you come home late after a long trip, you can get it right into the facility.

Special Features

Find out if your facility has any amenities for RV owners. Ask each one what’s available. Look for features like a station to fill your water and one to dump your sewage. Some may also provide firewood for when you go camping.

Putting your RV in the right facility will protect your vehicle, make your life easier, and will ensure you can get your RV when you need it. We hope these tips help you find your ideal storage situation.

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