How a Self Storage Unit Can Help Your Tenants During the Holidays

Jon Fesmire | January 4, 2022 @ 2:27 PM

The holiday season is a great time to welcome new tenants to your self storage business.

Here’s some information to assist you in attracting new tenants and even informing old or current tenants of how they could use a storage unit.

Most of these are solutions to holiday problems that need short-term solutions, but once a new tenant rents from you, they may discover other advantages of using a storage unit and stick with you for longer. So, here are several good reasons to rent a unit this time of year.

A Storage Unit Can Make Room for Your Tree

Setting up a Christmas tree often involves moving things around in the living room so it will fit. However, depending on how much your clients have in their homes, this may make the rest of the room cramped. Instead, they can rent a storage unit and put that extra ottoman, reclining chair, and other living room stuff in it to make plenty of space for a big, beautiful tree.

A Storage Unit is Great for Hiding Gifts

Many families put their presents under their trees as they acquire and wrap them throughout December. Others, however, follow the tradition of putting the gifts under the tree late the night of Christmas Eve. Those who don’t celebrate Christmas but do give gifts on other holidays may put them out another night or bring out one gift at a time.

A storage unit, even one as small as a storage locker or small unit, can provide plenty of space for all of a family’s gifts. Options for doing this include adding shelving or carefully boxing and stacking wrapped gifts with the heavier boxes on the bottom and the lightest on top. Tenants can then retrieve the gifts on Christmas Eve and put them out under the tree at night after the children have gone to bed.

Bigger units, such as 10’x10’ and 10’x15’, are excellent for larger presents, like bicycles, surfboards, or skis.

The time to store holiday stuff isn’t restricted to winter. Think about all the ornaments and decorations families collect and bring out at this time of year. Many of us also use artificial trees which need a spot the rest of the year. A small storage unit is perfect for this.

A Storage Unit Allows Expansion During the Holidays

A lot of retail businesses see the bulk of their sales during the holiday season. That goes for brick-and-mortar stores and ecommerce stores. While a business owner is trying to make enough room in his or her home for the tree and presents, they may also have extra inventory taking up room.

A storage unit can help a lot by providing space for that inventory, packing supplies, and more. And, if the business keeps doing well after the holidays, the new tenant may stick with the unit. If you allow package delivery for tenants and put the packages in their units, let them know.

Your loyal customers are probably already using their units for important things like off-season clothes, business inventory, sports equipment, and all those things they need sometimes, but not all the time.

If so, they might consider renting a second unit just for the holidays and use it for the aforementioned reasons: as somewhere to keep additional business inventory, living room stuff, and presents.

If your facility provides climate-controlled units, definitely let your potential renters know that. Inform them what temperature range your units are set between 50 and 80 degrees and the humidity range, and how those conditions will keep their presents and such safe from the cold, dry environment during the season.

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