StorageFront Sheep Star in Holiday Music Sensation [VIDEO]

Sara Heins | December 20, 2012 @ 6:35 PM

The StorageFront sheep have taken a break from their usual indifference to join the forces of harmony with their new friend, the Storage Hound. Their rendition of "White Christmas" (a tribute to the Drifters’ classic urban harmony circa 1954) has brought laughter to children and tears of joy to the overly sentimental. So why were the StorageFront sheep the stars of this year's holiday music video? "Apart from being really great at digesting grass and being just super livestock animals in general, they make stellar background singers. But many don’t know that. It's been overlooked in society for hundreds of years," said Rick Tinney, Creative Director and mastermind behind the video. "Some of the more ambitious sheep even go solo and land extremely successful careers." After their 15 minutes of fame dies down, the sheep plan to return to grazing on pastures of any and all greens near their favorite self storage facilities. They may make a comeback eventually, to prove they weren't just "one-hit wonders."

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