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Fullerton, CA: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | April 8, 2016 @ 10:18 AM

Low Crime Rates

The first piece of good news about Fullerton is that crime is lower than the national or California averages. In fact, you’re about 50% less likely to be a victim of crime in Fullerton than in most other places in the state. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about crime at all. Just as you would lock your front door when leaving home or lock your car when getting out of it, you should want your self-storage locker to be safe. To understand what a safe unit looks like, read our article on protecting your valuables from theft, and to give you a better understanding of what really good self-storage security looks like, read our article on the ideal security situation for a facility, which includes things like gated access, security cameras, great lighting, and more.

To Climate Control or Not To Climate Control

Fullerton, and all of Orange County, has mild winters and hot summers. The good news is that summers, in general, are neither too humid nor too dry. Sure, you’ll want AC in your home, but most possessions do just fine in the 80 to 100 degree range so long as it’s not muggy as well. In short, you probably will not need a self-storage unit with climate control. Of course, there may be exceptions. Certain musical instruments or, if you’re a pharmaceutical representative, medications, may be heat-sensitive. Do some research on any specialized items you may have, and if you can’t find the information you need, as a self-storage manager what items may need climate control in the area. Pests can be a problem in Fullerton. Why? Weather that’s comfortable for people is also comfortable for rodents and bugs. Ask your facility how they handle pest control. This is an issue that the self-storage industry takes seriously, so each facility should have precautions in place, such as traps around the perimeter and a contract with an extermination company to remove pests should they appear, but mostly to keep them from showing up at all.

Events in Fullerton

Fullerton has about a dozen events every year that may affect your ability to get to your self-storage unit. This includes the Winter Festival in January, when tons of snow is hauled into the Brea Dam Recreational Area for kids to play in, the Annual Muckenthaler Motorcar Festival at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, the Summer Concerts Series that takes place at the Fullerton Sports Complex, and the Haunted Garden in October at the Fullerton Arboretum. Any of these events can back up traffic to the nearby areas. Just be aware of them so that if you’re planning a trip to self-storage on one of those days, you know what to expect. Besides, you might want to attend the event!

California State University Fullerton

Boy can an influx of students affect self-storage! The important thing to remember here is that Fullerton is a college town. Residents take pride in the city’s intellectualism. It also means that when students are returning to school or coming in for the first time, many will rent self-storage units, so they may be more difficult to find. The major rush time is early fall when the fall semester is about to start. January, after winter break, can see an uptick in number of new self-storage tenants too. In short, if you need a new storage unit when students are coming back to town, expect a slightly longer search.

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