Four Things You Need If You’re Using Self Storage This Summer

Krista Diamond | July 11, 2019 @ 8:57 AM

The kids are out of school, the pool is open—summer is officially here. If you’re renting a storage unit this season, that little extra space can be a big help. Whether you’re a college student using a storage unit to safeguard your booze—er, we mean books—during summer vacation or you’re a busy parent looking for a place to store camping gear, kids’ sports equipment, off-season clothes and clutter, a storage unit can be a game-changer. After you’ve figured out which size you need, you can rent your storage unit online (yep, even if you’re using your phone), fill it up and get back to enjoying summer.

But first, here are a few quick tips to make self storage work for you during the warmer months.

Climate Control (Duh!)

This one’s obvious, but it’s worth repeating. If you’re using self storage in the summer, rent a unit with climate control. In most states—especially the hotter ones—climate control is widely available (Fun fact: In Nevada, it is a misdemeanor for a storage facility to advertise climate controlled storage without disclosing temperatures.) Climate control regulates the temperature and humidity levels in your storage unit, preventing mold, mildew, warping and other damage. Some facilities, like the Texas/Oklahoma-based company All Storage, even offer unique variations on climate control such as EZ Drive-Thru storage, which allows you to drive right into a fully-enclosed, totally climate-controlled facility, where you’re able to park in front of your unit and enjoy loading and unloading items without having to get sunburned or rained on.

Auto Pay

Whether you’re traveling this summer or just chilling inside by the air conditioning, automatic bill pay can make life easier. Instead of having to think about paying your bill each month and actually taking out your credit card or—god forbid—writing a check, auto pay does the work for you, preventing late payments and subsequent fees. In many cases, you can sign up for auto pay online or at the facility.

Key Sharing

So there’s this super cool thing called the nokē® Smart Entry System from Janus International that allows you to open up your storage unit using your mobile phone. If you rent at a storage facility that offers this automated technology, you can also benefit from key sharing. Basically, this allows you to send a friend or family member a temporary access code by text message, making it possible for them to grab something from your storage unit while you’re on vacation.

RV/Boat Storage

Summer is an exciting time for folks with RVs and boats. If you’re planning on going camping or heading out on the water, RV and boat storage can offer you a safe place to store your vehicle in between getaways. You can look for dedicated RV and boat storage facilities, such as RV Storage Depot, or you can filter your search on StorageFront to search for household storage facilities that also offer RV/boat/vehicle storage. Vehicle storage ranges from fully-enclosed units with outlets (perfect if you want to trickle-charge your RV battery) to open lots, which tend to be more budget-friendly.

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