Four Things to Look For When Choosing a Storage Unit for Your Piano

Krista Diamond | October 30, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

If we had to rank the hardest items to move and store, pianos would probably be number one. They’re enormous, they’re heavy (this one weighs almost 4,500 pounds) and they’re fragile. If you move or store a piano incorrectly, not only do you risk damage to the instrument itself but to your home and yourself. In other words, there’s a reason why there are moving companies dedicated solely to hauling pianos.

But don’t despair; storing a piano isn’t impossible. You just need to look for these four things when choosing a storage facility:

Climate Control

Finding a storage unit with climate control is essential. When it comes to choosing the best self storage amenities for storing your piano, this is one feature that you just can’t skip. Climate controlled self storage regulates the temperature and humidity inside your storage unit. Extreme heat or cold can warp the wood of your piano, causing it to expand and contract. Humidity can cause rust and also result in sticky keys. Both temperature and humidity can wear on the finish of the piano, making it less aesthetically pleasing.

A piano should be stored at about 70 degrees with a humidity level of around 42%. Keep these numbers in mind when choosing a storage unit with climate control.


You wouldn’t store your piano in a dirty home, so don’t store it in a dirty storage unit. Dust and debris can damage your piano, but pests can destroy it.

When choosing a storage facility, make cleanliness a priority. Before renting a storage unit, stop by the facility in person and ask for a tour. Ask the manager what the storage facility does to prevent pests such as insects and mice from entering the units. Keep an eye out for signs of a dirty facility including overflowing dumpsters, trash on the ground, leaks, and smells coming from within storage units.


Your piano is one of the most costly things you own—not just in terms of price but in terms of sentimental value. Choose a storage facility that understands this.

While it would be very difficult for a thief to break into your storage unit and make off with such a heavy object, an intruder could damage your piano. Don’t take self storage security for granted. Rent a storage unit at a facility with gated access, surveillance cameras and good lighting. Consider storage insurance to protect your piano even further.

Good Reviews

If you search for a storage unit on StorageFront, you can also take advantage of reading reviews from popular sources like Yelp and Google.

When looking at self storage reviews, try to read as many as possible. Disregard reviews that seem fake and try to identify a theme. Do several reviewers complain about tenants living in storage units? Does every single review offer praise for the same outstanding employee? Trust the consensus—and your own instincts—when choosing a storage unit for your piano.

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