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Four Cities to Move to if You Love Coffee

Jon Fesmire | March 25, 2019 @ 8:00 AM

There are many factors that go into deciding where you want to live. Perhaps you want to stay close to family, or go somewhere ideal for your career. Those are valid reasons, but you may want to live in a new city because of something a little less common. If you’re a coffee lover, we think that’s as valid a reason as any.

If hanging out at cafes and enjoying a great mug of java, consider these amazing cities.

New York, NY

New York City holds the spot as America’s number one coffee city for many reasons. Wallethub lists it as the city with the most affordable coffee shops and the largest number of coffee shops per capita.

New York is a fast-paced city, and a morning, afternoon, or even an evening cup of joe helps residents keep up with their busy schedules. The Big Apple has its own local coffee companies, like Joe, Cafe Grumpy, and Ninth Street Espresso, all popular venues, especially for those who work or live near them. West Coast companies have also made their mark. Besides Starbucks, which is everywhere, New York has coffee shops like Blue Bottle, Intelligentsia, and Stumptown.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is definitely number one for coffee brand recognition. Who hasn’t heard of Starbucks or its original home, Pike Place Market? You may even have heard of Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting, Seattle Coffee Works, or Tully’s Coffee. Seattle may have exported Starbucks all over the country and beyond, but locally, there are other lesser known coffee shops to check out as well.

San Francisco, CA

As a bay city, San Francisco can get cold and foggy—and there’s just something pleasant and comforting about drinking coffee on a foggy morning.

Plus, San Francisco is tied with New York for the most affordable coffee shops, is ranked second for the greatest number of coffee shops per capita (278 cafes per 100,000 residents), and is ranked third for number of coffee roasters and tea makers.

San Franciscans are serious about coffee quality, and some of the biggest coffee makers will sell coffee only if the beans have been roasted within the last two to three days. Roasters like Blue Bottle, Four Barrel Coffee, and Ritual Roasters lead this trend.

The San Francisco Bay Area made its mark on the national coffee palate as well. Ever heard of Peet’s Coffee? We thought so. Alfred Peet opened his first coffee shop in nearby Berkeley in 1966.

Portland, OR

Portland is a town of creatives and free thinkers, and when they’re ready to work, they enjoy their local coffee. In fact, Portland has the most coffee roasters and tea makers of any city in the U.S. For reference, that’s 20 roasting companies, and the number is growing. It’s third for the number of cafes per capita, and fourth when it comes to how affordable coffee is for consumers.

It is also the home of Stumptown Coffee Roasters, now an international brand. Other popular coffee houses include Deadstock Coffee, Ristretto, Extracto, and Never Coffee Lab.

In the very least, we hope you’re able to visit one or more of these cities to see how the coffee culture in your city compares. You may just discover where you want to spend the next phase of your life.

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