Five Home Decorating Apps for iPhone and Android

Jon Fesmire | April 18, 2019 @ 10:02 AM

Are you planning on getting some new furniture, repainting a room, or adding to your kitchen? As the saying goes, “There’s an app for that.” In this case, there are many.

Here are five home organization apps we really like. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, they’ll help you visualize what your home will look like with new furniture, purchase what you find, hire professionals, and a lot more.

With these apps on your phone or tablet, it will be easier for you to plan home renovations or new furniture purchases, and you’ll have fun doing it.


Create floor plans by taking photographs of your place. You can then add virtual furniture then view your furnished rooms in 3D. You can also export your plans in various formats, create new objects, add pictures and notes, and a lot more.

MagicPlan is available for iOs and Android.


Houzz pulls together much of what you need to redesign and redecorate your home into one app. It shows you real home products in real rooms to help you decide what you’d like in your own house or apartment. It has more than 16 million photos, and you can take notes directly on them with your phone or tablet. Once you find something you want, purchase it directly from the app.

Houzz is available for iOs and Android.

Pantone Studio and MyPantone

Sometimes you need an app that does one thing well, and that’s what you’ll get with these twin apps, Pantone Studio for iOs and MyPantone for Android. The former has a monthly subscription fee of $7.99, while you can purchase the latter for $7.99

A tricky aspect of repainting a room, or painting a piece of furniture, is finding the right color. Often, you’ll want the color to exactly match something else in the room. These apps help you do that. Then, you can go to the hardware store with your Pantone number, and get exactly the right color.

Ikea Place and Ikea Store

Ikea is well-known for its large stores, it’s meatballs, and its huge selection of affordable and easy to assemble furniture. Ikea Place for iOs and Ikea Store for Android—essentially the same app with two different names—lets you browse for Ikea products from anywhere. You can add them to your shopping list, then find the nearest Ikea store and head over. The app also lets you know what events and sales are happening at your local store to help save you money.


Similar to Houzz, Homify is all about planning out exactly what you want your home to look like inside. It doesn’t focus on floor plans, however, but it does help you get in touch with home improvement professionals of all sorts. You can also save product and redesign ideas to its internal ideabook, get tips and instructions from professionals, and search for inspiration. You’ll also have access to helpful articles, updated daily.

Homify is available for iOs and Android.

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