Five Cool Self Storage Features You Didn’t Know Existed

Krista Diamond | December 19, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

Self storage can offer you so much more than just a 5x5 unit for your clutter. These days, the self storage industry has evolved to give customers access to better technology, specialized types of storage and other unique features that result in a seamless and dare we say, enjoyable self storage experience.

If it’s been awhile since you rented a storage unit, you might be surprised by how much things have changed. Curious about what kind of unexpected and cool features you’ll find at a modern self storage facility? From dedicated space for wine lovers to shipment receiving for small business owners, here are five self storage features to look for when renting a storage unit:

Wine Storage

Whether you’re a private wine collector looking to build your personal collection or a restauranteur with no wine cellar at your bistro, dedicated wine storage can help you go from novice to sommelier. Depending on the varietals you’re storing, wine requires a temperature of 55 degrees and a humidity level of 65 percent. In fact, the aging rate of a bottle of wine doubles every 10 degrees, making home storage a surprisingly unsuitable option for wine.

When choosing a storage facility for your wine collection, look for facilities that are dedicated to wine storage first, as these offer ideal sizes for private and commercial wine collectors and are typically staffed with individuals who are passionate about wine storage.

RV Amenities

If your RV is your home away from home—or even your full time home on the road—storing it correctly at a storage facility is important. RV storage can range from an open lot to a private, individually alarmed garage-style unit. In addition to finding storage facilities dedicated to RV storage, such as RV Storage Depot, it’s also possible to find facilities that offer features with RV lovers in mind. From RV wash bays to wide drive aisles to valet storage, the self storage industry is constantly finding new ways to impress customers.

On-Site Retail Offerings

You just rented a storage unit to make your next move easier—but wait, you don’t have any moving supplies. An increasingly commonplace feature at storage facilities across the country is the on-site retail store. This is a convenient place to buy boxes, tape and even supplies for RVs, boats and other things you might be storing.

Pro tip: You don’t have to be a tenant to buy moving supplies from a storage facility’s on-site retail store, though you may be able to get a discount if you are one.

Mobile Access Control

If you’re like us, you’ve been dreaming of the day when you could open a storage unit with your smartphone. Well, wake up; that day is here.

Many storage facilities are changing the way tenants access their storage units via a thing called SecurGuard. This cool new piece of technology allows you to open your storage unit with just a tap from your phone. No locks or keys required!

Shipment Receiving

Commercial tenants at storage facilities range from small business owners with Etsy shops to pharmaceutical representatives with large inventories. No matter what your hustle is, having a storage unit can help. One awesome feature for business owners with storage units to take advantage of is shipment receiving. If you’re looking for a storage unit to help you grow your business, look for one that will accept packages on your behalf. This makes the on-the-go life of an entrepreneur way easier.

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