Decorating Your Home with a Unifying Style: Part 3

Jon Fesmire | February 9, 2016 @ 10:39 AM

There’s a lot that anyone can do to give their home a unified style. In Parts 1 and 2, we looked at furniture, shelves, wall hangings, and decorations. This article takes things up a level. If you happen to own your house or condo, you can make more lasting modifications, which include painting the walls and tweaking the plumbing. Whether you own or not, however, if you want each room to have its own theme, you’ll enjoy the section on scaling things down.

Painting and Plumbing

If you own your home or have permission from your landlord to make interior changes, you can paint your walls, put up wallpaper, and even change fixtures. I keep bringing up Victorian and steampunk fixtures because they’re a particular interest of mine. There are many Victorian light fixtures out there, and even some that would be considered specifically steampunk. A Google search will also bring up futuristic fixtures for your lighting, bath, and kitchen. You can even find styled stair cases. When choosing a paint color, consult with an expert at your local home improvement or hardware store. They can help you find a color palate that will match your desired style and provide a pleasant overall environment. Art schools teach whole classes in color theory, so if you are unfamiliar with the concepts, it’s worth asking a professional and doing your own research on the topic.

Scaling Things Down

Maybe you don’t want to set up your entire home with one style. Many people like having a different style for each room. Your kids might want a specific style for theirs, like Disney or World of Warcraft. You can use these same ideas for each separate room. You might want a lavish, 19th century style bathroom but a modern looking kitchen, and if these themes match the mood you want, then go for it. Other resources include craft, antique, and dollar stores. Going into detail on those would take several more articles, so for now, use your creativity.

It’s Your Space

This is your space, so create the home you want! We all need to conform to society’s expectations in many ways, and that’s great. It keeps us getting along and being part of a culture. Your home, though, is your space. If you want to make it look like a cozy hobbit home, then look up pictures, take notes, and make it happen. If you want it to look like a house on Naboo in Star Wars, you can do that, too. While there will probably be limits to how much you can do, you can always start small and add more as you go. You may never be able to paint your walls or change fixtures, but you can choose your own furniture and decorations. Having a unified look to your home can help give you a sense of comfort, security, accomplishment, and even focus. Hopefully these ideas will help you really make your home your sanctuary.

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