Dayton, OH: Top Things to Know About Storage

Jon Fesmire | June 10, 2016 @ 4:24 PM

Dayton’s Population Drop and Storage Prices

Dayton, once a center of industry, a city where more patents were registered per capita than anywhere else in the U.S., is a victim of the times. Due to foreign competition, and domestic jobs getting shipped overseas, the industrial sector in Dayton has suffered terribly. Though there is some sign of recovery, the population has been dropping for decades. In 1990, the population was about 185,000. By 2013, it had dropped by 40,000 people to 145,000, with blue collar workers and their families leaving for more promising cities. Though such a loss has few upsides for any city, one is that the cost of living often drops. That also goes for self-storage prices. Wherever you live in Dayton, expect self-storage prices to be low. A 5’x5’ unit should cost between $29 and $38 per month, a 10’x10’ around $80, and a 10’x15’ around $105. That even includes climate control.

Climate Control

The weather in Dayton goes from freezing in winter to sweltering in summer. People don’t feel comfortable when it’s hot and humid, and most personal possessions don’t fair well, either. Many items, including musical instruments, can suffer damage from hot, humid weather and cold, dry weather.

The good news is that nearly all self-storage units in Dayton come with climate control, and the prices are still highly affordable.

Don’t Scrimp on Security

Declining populations also lead to increased crime, and you’ll probably find Dayton’s crime rates unappealing. With its violent crime about three times higher than the national average and property crime about twice as high, you’ll want to know that your possessions are safe. Just as you surely lock your doors and windows and perhaps have an alarm system at home, you will want the self-storage facility you choose to have good security, too. When searching for a facility, look for storage security systems that include clear lighting, gated access, stone or concrete walls, a monitored camera system that covers the entire facility, a working, monitored alarm system, and security that patrols the grounds day and night.

Dayton Events

What’s a city without community events? Not as exciting as it could be.

Culture and excitement are far from dead in Dayton, which has numerous events every month and more than a dozen yearly festivals. These include Art in the City, Valley Vineyards Wine & Beer Festival, and, this being the 21st century, the Dayton Podfest, a podcasting festival. You’re bound to find something fun and unique to do in Dayton every month. Of course, the more popular an event, the more likely it is to affect traffic, and traffic affects storage. By definition, when you have possessions in storage, you don’t have them at home, and you need to go to your unit if you need to use or retrieve them. What if friends are coming over and you need to get that childhood picture album to show them? You know you have enough time to make it to storage and back, so you head out, and get stuck in traffic due to a festival you were unaware of. Basically, be aware of the events and festivals going on around you that could slow down your trip to your storage unit or to other appointments. This will make it easier to plan your days, and you’ll find out about exciting events you may want to be a part of.

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