Creating Your Ideal She Shed

Jon Fesmire | March 6, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

For years we’ve heard the concept of the man cave, a place a man can create at home as a combination sanctuary and entertainment room. Women need their own space, too. Both genders, after all, deal with plenty of responsibilities and stress, from work to parenting to keeping the home clean. So, in recent years, people have finally begun talking about the she shed.

When you create your she shed, it should reflect your personality, not that of other women. Here are some steps to creating the space that’s right for you.

Find a Room

You’re going to need an extra room you can claim as your own. This can be a spare bedroom, an attic, a basement, or even the garage. In fact, it can literally be an outdoor shed.

Pick a Theme

What do you enjoy most? Do you have a major hobby? If so, consider using it as your she shed theme. If you enjoy gardening, add some potted plants and put paintings or etchings of favorite plants on the wall. If you enjoy sewing, include a tapestry, or perhaps a rack with personal clothing you’ve sewn. Do you enjoy music? Put up some pictures of your favorite bands or composers.

Are you a geek and into a particular fandom? Put up your Hogwarts house colors, a rack to display your lightsaber, or simply display some of your favorite vinyl character figures. Enjoy sports? Set up space for any trophies you may have won.

Think About Autonomy

Once you’re settled in your she shed, you may not want to head into the house, even when you need a snack or to use the bathroom. If you own your home and can afford it, consider adding a bathroom. You can even put in a large tub to relax in after a long day. Alternately, or in addition to this, you could add a sink and counter. Then, add a refrigerator and cabinet for plates, cups, and snacks like chocolate, cheese, and crackers.

Creative Space

Your she shed can be a place to shine creatively. Let’s go back to what you enjoy most, as it’s reflected in the theme you chose. If it’s sewing, set up a nice table and sewing machine so you can work on projects. If it’s knitting, you’ll need a shelf or chest to keep your yarn and a comfortable seat to work in. If you love drawing, add a place for your pencils, drawing paper, and an easel.

The Lighting

Depending on what you’re doing in your she shed at any given time, you may want bright light, faint light, or darkness. Use natural light from the windows when it’s available during the day, but add adjustable lighting for other times. This can be track lighting (and there is elegant track lighting with a more feminine feel), ceiling lights, or lamps. Whatever you choose, it should allow you to pursue your creative endeavors, create a calm or romantic mood, or be just bright enough for when you want to be cozy and watch a movie.

The Entertainment

Women love watching their favorite shows and movies just as much as men, and about as many want a screen in their she shed. This can be a wide-screen television or a projector with a descending screen. You’ll just need to figure out where to put it and what sort of entertainment box to hook it up to. These days, fewer people watch actual television on cable and opt for a Roku or game system with apps to allow them to stream their favorite films and shows.

Add a good sound system as well. Surround sound 5.1 or 7.1 are best, and the manufacturer will include instructions on setting it up to work best in your shed.

The Wine Rack

Statistically speaking, women tend to prefer wine, and men tend to prefer beer. If you’re the opposite, great! Grab some six packs of your favorite beer and put them in the fridge. If you like wine, consider getting a wine rack or even a wine cooler. The latter will keep your wine at ideal temperatures for storing and drinking.


Whatever you do in your she shed, shelving is essential. Put in a couple tall or short bookcases. There, you can put your favorite books, your craft supplies, and display things that reflect your personality, from your favorite dolls and figures to framed drawings or family photos.


Whether you want to put up a big couch and some recliners, or a lounge chaise and a couple of loveseats, the idea with seating is to keep it comfortable.

It will take time and money to create your ideal she shed, but in the end, we think you’ll find it well worth the effort.

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