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Colorado Springs, CO: Top Things to Know About Storage

Krista Diamond | July 15, 2016 @ 2:08 PM

The Essentials

There are 89 storage facilities in Colorado Springs. That’s about 50,000 individual units. That’s not bad for a city of 439,886 people. If you’ve never used self-storage before or it’s been awhile, let’s catch you up to speed by covering the basics of what you need to know to find a storage unit in Colorado Springs. When most people look for storage, their first instinct is to find a unit that’s as close to their home as possible. While this sounds like the logical way to go about things, it’s only the best search technique if you’re someone who will be going in and out of your storage unit on a daily basis (this applies to pretty much no one). If you’re like most people, you’re probably going to be using storage to house seasonal items for Colorado’s cold winters and warm summers. Or maybe you’re using it to house college stuff during a break from school, extra furniture that won’t fit into a new place or items you don’t use but don’t feel like tossing out. Either way, you probably won’t be chilling at your storage unit every day. Consider this along with how easy it is to get around Colorado Springs and then do yourself a favor by thinking outside of that one to three mile radius around your apartment. Don’t be afraid to choose a unit on the outskirts of the city. You’re more likely to find a great deal and you might find that you enjoy the change of scenery too.

High Altitude Storage

Colorado Springs sits at 6,035 feet, though that elevation fluctuates drastically depending on what part of town you’re in. In addition to investing in lots of chapstick to combat the dry mountain air, you should also take the time to note the elevation of the facility you’re renting at. You’ve probably heard of the importance of climate control when it comes to storing items in humid areas (if not, read up on it), but have you ever thought about what that dry, Rocky Mountain air might be doing to your stuff? Fortunately, the arid climate won’t adversely affect as many items as a humid climate would, but the items it does put at risk might be some of your most valuable. If you’re storing wooden furniture, especially antique wooden furniture, the dry air can split it. Even if a piece of wooden furniture looks fine, take special care when removing it from your unit as it might be more brittle and therefore more fragile. You may want to refinish it or polish it as the dryness can affect the appearance and strength of the piece.

Your Outdoor Gear Storage Locker

Tired of your roommates complaining about that smelly sleeping bag that’s hanging in the closet? That’s where storage comes in. Colorado Springs is full of opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast to take things to the next level. There’s Pikes Peak, the 31st highest peak in Colorado with the greatest vertical gain of all the state’s 14’ers (7,400 feet). The intense hike will reward you with glorious mountain views. Just ignore all of the cars at the summit (yep, you can drive or take a train to the top too). If you prefer to use both your hands and your feet in the mountains, slide into those teeny-tiny climbing shoes and head to Garden of the Gods. Even if you’re not an expert rock climber, there’s still plenty to do there including camping, archery and 20 miles of trails for all skills levels. If your life in Colorado Springs has turned you into an outdoor gear junkie, we don’t blame you. But trust us, you can still have the equipment you need for every activity without letting it take over your apartment. Learn how to store gear properly so that you can easily swap out your skis for your hiking boots without losing a single item to bad storage practices in the process.

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