Can You Build a Self Storage Gym? It Depends

Jon Fesmire | January 28, 2021 @ 9:53 AM

Whether or not you can build a personal gym in a self storage unit relies entirely on the self storage location you’re looking at.

Most self storage locations only want you to store goods and leave the premises when you’re finished dropping off, picking up, or arranging your stuff.

However, some locations allow you to use a unit as an office, band rehearsal space, or a personal gym. You’ll need to do your research to find one that allows gym use.

The easiest way to find out if a facility would allow this is to call, so your best bet will be to call your local facilities until you find one or more that allow this. Don't build a personal gym in a self storage unit in secret, both you and the facility should know what’s going on.

To find the best self storage in your area, visit our storage by city page. You’ll easily find a number for facilities near you that you can call.

Keep in mind that if you want to use the facility’s electricity for any use beyond the light that comes in your unit, you’ll need to get their permission first. If you want to avoid that discussion, simply build your gym without equipment that requires external power.

Advantages of Building a Gym in Your Self Storage Unit

Setting up a personal gym in a storage unit comes with several advantages.

The biggest advantage, currently, is the safety of not working out around crowds of people. Some cities currently allow public gym use, others do not. In those that do, building a personal gym that keeps you away from people reduces the likelihood of contracting COVID-19.

Then, there’s also the intimidation factor that comes with starting out, working out among so many other people who have their routines down. Building a personal gym ensures that you can focus on yourself and your own workout journey progression.

Public gyms may also have lines to use certain machines, meaning you’ll have to wait and spend more time at the gym than you need to for a workout.

Even if you end up spending more to rent a storage unit to exercise in, you’ll make up for it in convenience and safety. You won’t have to wait for equipment, meaning you can go at your own pace and you can build your gym with the exact type of equipment you prefer.

You’ll also save space at home. If you already have gym equipment there, you’ll save space you can use for something else. Also, you can feel secure knowing your kids won’t be able to play with your heavy workout equipment, possibly hurting themselves.

Setting Up Your Gym

Most of the set up in your new gym will be no different than setting up a workout space at home.

Start by finding a facility that allows it, as mentioned. Then, pick a unit size. Anything from a 5x10 on up can make a great gym. A 5x10 can fit a cardio machine, such as a bike or rowing machine, and some weights. At 10x10, you can add a bench and a medicine or stability ball. At 10x20, you’ll have room for an aerobic routine.

Of course, the price will go up the bigger the unit you want, but keep this in mind: self storage space rents for less per month than both residential and commercial space.

Using a storage space as a gym is a little like expanding your home for a much lower cost.


Before you set up your workout equipment, we highly recommend you put down some flooring in the form of interlocking foam tiles. Having a firm yet spongy floor will help protect your back and joints as you exercise. This flooring will also protect your unit’s floor, to prevent unintended damage to the unit with your equipment.

You’ll find the sort of tiles we’re talking about on the Rubber Flooring Inc. website, but you can also purchase them elsewhere. Some companies will even offer free samples from them so you know if what you’re planning to order fits your needs.

When you install your equipment, make sure to follow the instructions that come with each piece, and follow safe exercise guidelines. Here’s to your health and your fitness!

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