Another Lesson in Self Storage Theft Prevention

CJ Moore | July 23, 2010 @ 5:15 PM

Are you prepared if the items in your self storage unit are stolen? Have you taken steps to prevent this from happening? At a self storage facility in Houston, customers have found out the hard way what steps they should have taken. In the last month and a half, 52 units have been broken into at SureSave USA Self Storage. The suspect has two units at the facility and has used his code to get into the facility late at night. The thieves have broken into units by cutting the locks, targeting the units with cheap locks. Storage theft prevention tip No. 1: Buy a disc lock, which SureSave has made a requirement. The other lesson from these recent break-ins is keeping track of what contents you have inside your unit. Keeping records of the serial numbers of the items you have stored could help you retrieve any stolen items. If the thieves sell to a pawn shop, the serial number gets put into a database, and police are then able to track down your lost items. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of the items you store, so you have further proof of what was in your unit for insurance purposed. It’s always good to use a storage facility that has security, but in this case, the security measures SureSave had taken were not good enough. SureSave had cameras, but the thieves are not caught on the cameras doing anything illegal (their truck – either purposely, or in their case, luckily – blocked the camera’s view), and when they returned, they disabled the cameras. To provide your own security, remember to invest in a good lock, preferably a disc lock. For more self storage insurance and legal tips, check out StorageFront’s Storage tips.

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