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Jon Fesmire | March 21, 2016 @ 12:22 PM

Congratulations, you’re going to college near Anaheim! Before you check out the Gardenwalk or Downtown Disney, you’ll need to know where you’re going to hang your hat and where you can store those things that won’t fit in your dorm room or apartment. You’ll be especially grateful for a good storage unit when you start collecting books and those various start-of-the-year freebies.

We have the lowdown on storage for students in Anaheim, so let’s get started.

You Can Bring It With You

The main university near Anaheim is California State University Fullerton with 40,000 students. If you’re in the 6% who live on campus, you’ll want a self-storage unit right away as dormitory spaces are cozy. Even if you’ll be living off-campus, you may want to bring more of your things than will fit in a (possibly shared) apartment bedroom, or you might have special items like surfboards that require their own special space. Fullerton has 13 self-storage facilities. Adding in nearby Anaheim and Anaheim Hills, there are 48 facilities from which you’re sure to find one you like. That comes out to 26,400 individual units of all sizes. Essentially, you’ll find facilities all over. It’s best to find one near where you’ll be living, whether that’s on or off campus, and ask facilities about student deals or pricing. Most people overestimate how often they will go to storage, so be realistic. If you find a deal several miles away and know you’ll only go about once a month, and you have a car, then that may be a better option than something very close to home but more expensive. Before moving to the Anaheim/Fullerton area, make a list of everything you’ll bring with you. Decide what you’ll keep in your dorm or apartment, and what you’ll keep in storage. This will help tremendously and allow you to figure out the storage unit size you will need to get. Many students do well with the smallest size, 5x5, but you may need a 5x10 or even a 10x10.

Storage When Studying Abroad

While at California State Fullerton, you may want to study abroad. Going to school overseas is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many enjoy. Or, you may get an internship out of the area. You could keep your stuff in your apartment or dorm room, where strangers may have access to it, but it would be safer in self-storage. Say you’ll be away four months. If you don’t have enough room in your current unit, contact your self-storage facility and ask to move to a larger one. These days, many facilities allow you to do all of this online without even having to go to the office. You can also manage your payments anywhere in the world over the Internet. To save money on rent, and not lose your apartment, consider subletting your room. = Just make sure that the person paying your rent will be able to leave when you get home.

You Probably Won’t Need Climate Control

Anaheim has hot summers, meaning temperatures can get into the 90s during the day, and mild winters, meaning temperatures in the 30s at night. Humidity is generally mild. For most items, you won’t need climate control. However, you may want to opt for it anyway if you’re storing musical instruments or other specialized. For instrument storage advice, read The Care and Storage of Musical Instruments in The Renter’s Bent Blog.

You Will Need More Space

It almost goes without saying that we go through life accumulating things to go along with our memories. Even when you come to college with just the necessities, you’re bound to acquire more things over the course of your time there. Some of these you’ll need for adult life after college. Some are beautiful reminders of your university years. Even people who like to keep a spartan lifestyle will end up with things like more books, items related to new clubs like art or sports equipment, and items you may cherish for the rest of your life. You’ll need somewhere to put these. So, if you don’t need a storage unit when you first move to college, keep what you’ve learned here in mind for the future.

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