A Self Storage Etiquette Guide for Renters

Jon Fesmire | July 13, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

So, you’ve decided to get a self storage unit, and you’re all set to move in. You figure you’ll need to go to the facility now and then to drop things off or to pick up things you need. Of course, you want to get along with everyone there when you go.

The rules of etiquette for self storage are basically the same as for being a good neighbor anywhere.

Follow the Facility Rules

First, always follow the official rules of the facility, as laid out in your contract. Most importantly, never store any prohibited items. These include flammable chemicals and explosives, for the obvious reason that these can cause severe damage to the facility should they ignite. They also include perishable food, open food containers, live animals, and live plants. These attract pests, like rodents and a plethora of invasive bugs, which will not only harm your belongings, but those of other tenants.

Follow the Golden Rule

Yes, self storage etiquette comes down to one important thing. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Let’s get a bit more specific about how this applies to self storage facilities.
  • Don’t Block Doorways or Units: It may seem easy to park your car close to your unit, but that may put your vehicle right in front of someone else’s rented space. You never know when someone will arrive and need to access their unit, so don’t block them.

  • Ask Others to Move Politely: Just because you’re aware not to block doorways and units doesn’t mean other tenants keep this rule in mind. If someone blocks your way, ask them politely to move their car or boxes.

  • Don’t Engage in Conflicts: Most people just want to take care of their storage business in peace. However, if someone starts an argument, peacefully remove yourself from the situation and inform the facility manager.

  • Don’t Use Foul Language: Whether you’re used to using curse words in your everyday life or not, some people just don’t want to hear it, and foul language will make them feel uncomfortable. Self storage isn’t the place for cussing.

  • Do Not Disturb Others: People are there to deal with storage, not listen to your Spotify playlist. Don’t play loud music while you’re unloading.

  • Wear Your Shirt and Shoes: We understand that carrying all those boxes may make you hot, but wear a full set of clothes. You’ll make people more comfortable.

  • Offer to Help: This isn’t something you’ll need to do all the time! However, if you see someone struggling with a heavy item or a box, and you’re physically capable of helping, it’s all right to offer assistance. You might just make someone’s day, or even make a friend.

Basically, remember that many people think of their storage units as their personal space. They want their time at the facility to be as pleasant as possible. However, people also use self storage during stressful times in their lives, such as during a move. A little kindness goes a long way.

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