A Renter’s Guide to Choosing a Storage Unit

GuestBlogger | April 30, 2018 @ 8:00 AM

You may need to rent at a storage facility for a number of reasons—moving your household, going away to college or organizing possessions of a deceased loved one. While it can be hectic to move your stuff into the storage unit, don’t rush into renting just any storage unit. Here are some key factors you need to consider first:

Size of Storage Unit

One criteria is that it should fit all your goods. You should be able to easily access the storage unit whenever you need to. A spacious unit will allow you to easily store your goods without cramming them in.

Accessibility and Location

Choose a location that is convenient for you. Imagine trying to drive hundreds of miles just to take out or store something in the storage unit! You should be able to access your unit anytime you need to.

Security and Climate Control

While most storage units offer insurance for theft, you wouldn’t want valuable items stolen. This is why you need to check the security that the storage facility offers. Ask about their history of theft and the security measures they have in place to prevent crime. Personally visit the facility and check if they have onsite security like 24-hour video surveillance cameras and coded access to the building. Make sure that the lighting in the facility is good because security measures can’t work if lighting is of bad quality or non-existent. Consider climate control within the storage unit. Look if it is a temperature controlled room that would ensure that your goods don’t go bad. Whether you’re storing books, furniture, pictures or any sensitive items, extreme humidity and temperature variations will ruin your belongings.

Pest Control

It is a no-brainer that pests will destroy your goods. Ensure that the storage facility is pest-free before renting there. Check if the facility provides commercial pest control services. Pests like cockroaches will invade your boxes, rats will gnaw on the upholstered furniture and moths and bed bugs will reside in soft items. Check with the management on how often they fumigate their storage units and ask all the questions that will help in dispelling the fear of pests destroying your goods.

Quality Customer Service

Customer service is essential. If the company makes you run around for simple tasks, treats you in an unkind manner or doesn’t answer your questions, take the cue and search for another facility. Good customer service has customer-friendly policies,like prorated refunds, no minimum stay, and flexible billing and payment options.

Some Tips to Keep Your Storage Unit Pest Free

Opt for tightly sealed and hard plastic containers to protect your belongings. Not only are such containers great for stacking, but they also ensure that the rodents don’t get to your stuff by chewing through them. Commercial pest control services advise against cardboard boxes and anything with organic fibers since pests can chew right through them and build nests.

Never store food. This is prohibited by storage facilities and it attracts pests and rodents. Once your storage unit is infested, the neighboring units will also be affected, creating a pest epidemic. You can also prevent pests by properly cleaning and sealing items before storage. Vacuum your mattresses and ensure they are dry before storing, as damp mattresses will cause mold and fungus. Call a pest control professional and get rid of bed bugs using heat treatment. The high heat will destroy bedbugs and their eggs quickly. Turn up the heat in the room for a few hours to ensure that the items are dry inside and out. If you are still concerned about how to find and get rid of bed bugs, get in touch with the storage facility management or hire a professional to ensure your storage unit is pest-free. When people find their homes and offices infested with pests, it is not uncommon for them to panic. Raymond Web has taken upon him the task to educate people on pest prevention and control strategies helping them keep their surroundings healthy, safe and pest-free. Being the digital marketing manager for Take Care Termite and Pest Control, in Tracy, CA, he has in-depth understanding of people and their pain points due to pests, which he efficiently uses in his content to educate people and add value to their lives.

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