7 Common Myths About Self Storage

Jon Fesmire | August 22, 2019 @ 8:33 AM

Whether you’re moving or you run a business and need an affordable place to keep your inventory, self storage can be a helpful solution. Yet there are a lot of myths floating around about what self storage is like, and those may have you wondering if it’s worth it.

Let’s look at and dispel some common myths about self storage.

Myth 1: Self Storage Isn’t Safe

The fact is, the self storage industry takes pride in using modern security systems to keep facilities, and individual units, safe. Ask about specific security measures when you visit a storage facility. It should have gated access, high walls, monitored security cameras covering all outdoor and hallway areas, good lighting, and an alarm system.

Some facilities even have individually alarmed units, so that if a thief does manage to open a unit, security is notified where they are, immediately. Though less common these days, some facilities have a manager living on site, or one or more security guards.

Myth 2: Self Storage Is Too Expensive

Self storage units actually rent for significantly less per square foot than a house or apartment, and that includes units with climate control. You can sometimes find discounts on the first month’s rent for a unit as well, and these generally only stipulate that you rent for a minimum of two months.

Myth 3: Facilities are Dirty

Blame Hollywood for spreading this idea. For example, Avengers: Endgame, while a great movie, showed a storage facility teeming with rodents. In the self storage industry, most facilities take great pains to keep pests out. They work with exterminators to prevent pests from getting in and prohibit tenants from storing perishable food, live plants, and other items that can attract pests.

Also, facilities employ janitorial and maintenance personnel to keep their premises clean and to make sure that each unit is clean inside when a tenant ends a contract.

Myth 4: Storage is Just for Hoarders

Yes, there are people who put a lot of stuff they simply don’t need in storage. We actually share a lot of tips on how to simplify your life, get rid of things you don’t need, and make better use of self storage. We’ve mentioned a few of those ideas here. They include using a self storage unit as an off-season wardrobe closet, putting your RV in storage, using self storage for your business, and renting a unit to help during a move.

Myth 5: You’re Stuck in a Long Term Contract

Actually, most self storage facilities rent on a month-to-month basis. As mentioned, if you get a deal the first month you may be required to rent for a minimum of two, but that’s about it.

Myth 6: Signing Up Is a Hassle

These days, renting a storage unit is as easy as signing up for Netflix. You can reserve and rent your unit online. You can also take advantage of automated technology that makes it possible to pick your unit, sign the contract, buy your lock, pay your first month’s rent, and get your gate code without having to even talk to a person.

Myth 7: Climate Control is Unnecessary

Here’s one that we wish we could say is true, but it’s simply not. If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a great climate, where it doesn’t get too hot or too cold, and never gets especially humid or dry, then you may be able to store a lot of items in a self storage unit without worrying about them.

However, if you live somewhere with big weather shifts, then most of your belongings are going to need to be in a climate controlled unit, or they can take serious damage. Humidity can cause the growth of mold. It can expand wood, make clothing and papers damp, and so on. Dryness can cause the same items to become brittle. Heat can warp metal and plastic, and the cold can cause various items to crack.

We hope this alleviates whatever anxieties you might have about renting a storage unit. If you’d like to know more about self storage and organization, feel free to peruse the rest of our blog.

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