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50 Things to Get Rid of if You Want to Declutter This Spring

Krista Diamond | July 28, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

Originally posted March 20, 2017

Updated July 28, 2021 with a tip for the garage space in your home.

Spring cleaning starts with decluttering. After all, there’s no point in dusting and washing your dresser if it’s full of junk. If cleaning out your closets, drawers and cabinets sounds like a herculean task to you, start small by getting rid of the little pieces of clutter. Not sure what some of those little pieces of clutter might be? Here’s a list of 50—that’s right, 50—things to recycle, donate or throw away.

  1. Old magazines and newspapers

  2. Old books

  3. Toys your kids have outgrown

  4. DVD’s of movies that you can stream online instead

  5. Items that you have duplicates of

  6. Home decor pieces that no longer match your taste

  7. Old towels

  8. Sample sized items you’ll never use

  9. Clothes you haven’t worn in the past year

  10. Socks without mates

  11. Tupperware without lids

  12. Spices and other cooking ingredients you never use

  13. Old board games

  14. Any magnets you don’t like

  15. Travel shampoos you’ve accumulated from hotels

  16. Anything that’s been in your freezer for more than a month

  17. Extra coffee mugs

  18. Anything that’s broken that you’ve been meaning to fix

  19. Paperwork that you no longer need

  20. Outdated electronics

  21. Expired makeup

  22. Anything from a climate you no longer live in (ex. Your bulky parka from before you moved to Hawaii)

  23. Shoes with broken heels, holes or scuff marks

  24. Old textbooks from school

  25. Items from a job you longer work at

  26. Old receipts

  27. Broken jewelry

  28. Extra holiday decorations

  29. Any promotional item you received (t-shirts, hats, cups, pens etc.)

  30. Extra hangers

  31. Birthday and Christmas cards you’ve received

  32. Brochures/maps/visitor guides from places you’ve visited

  33. Extra napkins and plastic cutlery from takeout

  34. Anything from a hobby you’ve since abandoned

  35. That old phone book

  36. Delivery menus

  37. Damaged luggage

  38. Gifts you’ve received that you didn’t like

  39. Appliances you never use

  40. Expired coupons

  41. Stuff that belonged to your ex

  42. Cheap sunglasses

  43. Instruction manuals

  44. Photos that you have digital copies of

  45. CD’s and cassettes

  46. That mysterious cord that doesn’t go to anything

  47. Any piece of clothing you bought for an event that you’ll never wear again (prom dress, bridesmaid dress, graduation gown)

  48. Old Halloween costumes

  49. Childhood trophies

  50. And last but not least, anything that doesn’t make you happy.

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