5 Great Communities to Move to in Connecticut

Jon Fesmire | July 3, 2019 @ 8:41 AM

If you’re looking for a state with old world charm, high wages, rural areas, beach towns, and crime rates significantly lower than the national average, look no further than Connecticut. You’ll find forests of maple trees, snowy winters and New England charm.

Naturally, your own family income will be a factor in where you decide to move. First, we’ll list our picks for middle income families, then those for high income earners.


Like many communities in Connecticut, Avon was settled centuries ago—specifically in 1645. This rural town has trees everywhere and a deep sense of history. You’ll find the Pine Grove School House, which was built in 1865 and is now a museum, as well as the Avon Congregational Church, built in 1819.

The population is only about 18,000, so expect a small town feel. If you enjoy a natural setting, you’ll love that Avon is near Talcott Mountain, a popular outdoor recreation area with plenty of trails to walk.

The average household income in Avon is high at $117,000. Home prices average at $376,000. About 15 percent of residents live in rentals.

Simsbury and Weatogue

Simsbury is a suburb of the state capital, Hartford, and Weatogue is a smaller, but highly desirable, section of Simsbury which is also worth considering.

Simsbury was incorporated in 1670, so this is another place steeped in American history. It was one of the locations of King Philip’s War between the English settlers and the indigenous tribes. That conflict ended in August, 1676, though the village was also pillaged and burned to the ground that year.

Like Avon, Simsbury and Weatogue are near Talcott Mountain. Simsbury is known for the Pinchot Sycamore, the largest tree in Connecticut, and for plenty of New England style homes. Of course, you’ll also be close to all that Hartford has to offer.

In Simsbury, the average household income is $110,000, while the average home value is $340,000. The suburb has a population of 24,000. Weatogue has an even higher average household income at $122,000, with homes around the same price, and a population of about 3,000.


Now, we come to the communities for those who know they’ll have a higher income. Yes, this is another place that’s been around a long time, as Greenwich was made a township in May 1665.

This suburb of Stamford has a population of 63,000, and is home to Round Hill, which the Continental Army used as a lookout point during the American Revolutionary War. It offers views of the Manhattan skyline as well as parks like Saxon Woods Park and Mianus River State Park. If you like art, check out the Bruce Museum.

The average household income is high here at $168,000, but home prices are also high, averaging $1.2 million.

New Canaan

New Canaan is known for having one of the highest average household incomes in the country at $180,000 a year. Unsurprisingly, it’s an expensive place to live and feels quite exclusive. The average home price is around $1.35 million, though there are some nice homes for under $800,000.

Living in New Canaan offers easy access to New York City, making it possible to visit or work in the Big Apple. This suburb has fairly small population of 20,500.

For those who can afford New Canaan, you’ll find a charming landscape with historic New England colonial homes and farmhouses, wide public parks, plus a downtown with anything you could want. Recreation areas include Waveny Park and Irwin Park. Downtown, you’ll find an old Bow Tie Cinemas movie theater, a Victorian train station, boutiques, antique shops, clothes shops, and the Elm Street Bookstore.

Connecticut many other great cities and towns, so if none of these feels right to you, we encourage you to research others. You’re bound to find a beautiful place to live.

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