5 Cool Things to Collect

Jon Fesmire | July 17, 2020 @ 9:00 AM

At some point, nearly everyone collects something. Collecting connects people to their interests, such as movies or sports, or to a period of time, such as their childhood. Many people get new items as they happen upon them, while others enjoy the thrill of the hunt and actively seek out items their collections are missing, regardless of price. Collecting can give a sense of security and meaning, a feel of safety among beloved things. While it can be a solitary pursuit, many share their interest and collections with friends.

While you can collect just about anything, from vintage dresses to replica swords (and we’re not knocking either of those!), you there are certain items people collect more than others. Perhaps you’ll find one on this list that you’ll like.


Cards hold a certain fascination for many. There are tarot decks, used for divination and self-reflection, playing cards, used for a variety of games and magic tricks, sports cards, showing the stats of players, and collectible card games (CCGs), which allow players to create their own playable decks from a huge selection of cards.

All of these can be fun to collect. You may collect different themed playing card decks. You may enjoy looking through different CCG cards or tarot decks just to enjoy the art. If you do card magic, you may have a bunch of ordinary decks to practice with as well as a few trick decks. Choose what type of cards interest you, and have fun.


There are so many figures to collect, from dolls to action figures, that it can be tough deciding what to explore. Start with a theme that interests you. For example, if you love Star Wars, there are small action figures, sculptures, larger posable figures, Funko Pops, and more. If you like football, you’ll find sculptures of certain players.

Funko Pops are especially fun to collect because they’re cute, there are figures for just about everything, and you collect each one in a themed set rather than get every Pop out there (and believe us, there are too many to get them all).

Comic Books

Few things are more fun to collect than comic books. You can read them, enjoy the art, display them, keep them, and re-read them later. Most collectors get them for emotional satisfaction, but sometimes, comic books go up quite a bit in value.

You probably have a comic book shop near you, so look it up on Google and check it out. While you’re there, ask how to protect them. You should get a special comic sleeve and backing board as well as a box to keep them in.


Collecting coins is, in part, about the thrill of discovery. You get change, you see what you got, and perhaps you notice an Indian head penny or a states quarter from the late 1990s. Where does that go? RIght in your coin collection, of course. You can purchase coins online or in coin collectors shops as well, and there are special collector’s books for certain coin types. Sometimes, the U.S. Mint releases limited-edition coins. You can browse through your coin books on occasion or even display framed coins on a shelf or on the wall.


Stamps are another really fun thing to collect, and there many ways to do so. You may want to get one of each stamp the US Postal Service releases. Or, you may want to collect foreign stamps. You could start your collection with older stamps, which people often sell online on sites like HipStamp or eBay.

Like other items on this list, stamps have an artistic, aesthetic appeal. In other words, they’re fun to look at and fun to show off to other enthusiasts. Like coins, you can frame them and display them on a wall. There are many resources for stamp collectors out there, from albums to keep them into websites full of helpful information.

Collecting can be a fun, soothing hobby, and we hope this list helps you decide if it’s for you. Remember, too, that in certain cases you may need to store your collection for a time. Units with climate control are best for this, whether you’re storing short or long term. Also, try not to overdo it! While collecting is a fun and healthy hobby, hoarding is not. Be selective, and enjoy.

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