5 Categories of Goods That You Should Put in Storage This Winter

GuestBlogger | January 20, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Wondering how you should prep your wardrobe, house, and mind for the cold winter days ahead? Here’s one suggestion that you may find useful: invest in a self-storage unit and organize the five following categories of goods inside. Create additional space to dress up your home in style for the holiday season, boost your comfort, and make your property seem more spacious, warm, and inviting. 1. Decorations That No Longer Match Your Taste and Style. Even if you’re no longer fond of the seasonal decorations that you’ve used last year to embellish your property, don’t toss or donate them just yet! To save some money and give new meaning to old items in the long run, choose to recycle and repurpose what you’re not willing to use today. In the meantime, keep nonessentials boxed up inside your self-storage unit. 2. Old Furniture. When prepping homes for the holiday season, which inevitably includes a string of family events, many people realize that their apartments and houses aren’t as spacious as they initially thought. All of a sudden, they bump into awkwardly placed decorations with zero or very little practical value, and stumble across outdated furniture that limits interactions, instead of provoking conversations and encouraging socialization. In this case, choose to leave old furniture pieces inside your unit until you feel ready to turn them into a part of your décor once again, or manage to find the right buyer for them. 3. Patio Furniture and Landscaping and Construction Equipment. Since you probably won’t have a lot of work to do in the garden during the cold season, think about storing your lawn mower, patio furniture, toys, and other bulky items that you can’t keep on your patio during winter. 4. Summer Clothes. At this point, feel free to pack loose T-shirts, romantic floral dresses, and bathing suits and ship them to the nearest self storage facility to and make more room in your wardrobe for new winter-friendly must-haves. 5. Linens and Bedding. Now you have the perfect excuse to go on a long shopping spree and buy those elegant Christmas tablecloths that you’ve always wanted, and a plush bed comforter set that will keep you warm during the harshest days of winter. Leave the light summer bedding and linens in storage until spring to make more room for the thick, soft fabrics that will protect your skin this winter. With winter upon us, now is the best time to start looking for bargains on the local self-storage market. Get the most affordable, feature-rich units and you’ll realize just how important premium extra space actually is when it comes to de-cluttering homes, organizing your personal belongings, and embracing a more fulfilling, minimalist lifestyle.

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