15 Totally Random Home Organization Hacks

Krista Diamond | November 2, 2016 @ 10:00 AM

Life hacks should be simple, affordable and effective. Why exert a lot of effort on something that’s meant to be easy? If you’re looking for hacks to make organizing every room of your house a breeze but you don’t want to waste time and money, let the following 15 home organization tricks be your guide:

  1. Install an extra shower curtain rod lengthwise in your shower and hang caddies off of it to organize bath products.

  2. Store essential baking products like flour and sugar in cute mason jars, that way you can display them on your kitchen counter and relegate the less attractive items to your panty.

  3. Every time you buy something new—whether it’s clothing, kitchenware or a cosmetic—throw something old away to prevent clutter.

  4. Use the tabs from bread to wrangle cords in your home office. Simply paint the tab to stand out or blend in (nail polish or Sharpie works in a pinch), tape it to the edge of your desk and insert the cord to keep it in place.

  5. Fill an empty wipe dispenser with used grocery bags to turn it into a small trash bag dispenser.

  6. Use magnetic strips to organize hair pins, sewing needles, paper clips and more.

  7. A shoe organizer doesn’t have to be just for shoes. Use one to organize cleaning supplies, rolled up t-shirts, hair styling tools or even snack-sized bags of chips.

  8. Create space in your closet by tossing anything that you haven’t worn in over a year.

  9. Use a flatware organizer in every drawer. In addition to keeping forks and knives in place, it can also help you keep track of small tools, office supplies, toothbrushes, and makeup.

  10. Buy a divided hamper to pre-separate laundry by color/type.

  11. Hang funky door knobs on unused walls and inside closets. They’re not just great conversation pieces; they’re a great way to get purses, backpacks, umbrellas and other stuff off of the ground.

  12. Keep toys in a decorative basket in an unused corner of your living room. Your child will be able to easily access them and you’ll be able to easily pick them up and put them away. This one works for pets too.

  13. Make display shelving functional by using it to organize spices on your kitchen wall.

  14. Tired of loose earrings? DIY your own vintage display frame by sandwiching cotton batting between two scraps of fabric and placing them in a cute frame.

  15. Organize rings, nails or other small things in an ice cube tray.

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