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14 Around-the-House Uses for Mason Jars

Jon Fesmire | April 4, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Mason jars are made for canning, and many people use them to store sauces, jams, and jellies. They’re also great to use as drinking glasses. The narrower top makes spills while drinking less likely, and somehow they seem to keep water, soda, and iced tea cooler.

They also have a country feel that can add a sense of comfort to your home. Try some of these craft uses.

Parmesan Shaker

Want to class up your parmesan shaker, or create one for another favorite topping? It just so happens that a Kraft parmesan shaker top fits perfectly on a mason jar. Check out these DIY instructions.

Mason Jar Lamp

Give your table lamp a new look by replacing the base with a mason jar. One cool thing about a mason jar lamp is that you can put sea shells, marbles, coins, or similar items into the jar itself.

Lego Pencil Jar

This is ingenious, and I admire whoever thought of it. Baby food jars, which are basically small mason jars, are the same shape as Lego people heads. With some acrylic paint and a black pen, you can turn one into a Lego character head perfect for storing pens and pencils upright on your desk. In fact, you don’t have to limit this idea to a Lego head. Use your imagination, the same materials, and create a totally different mason jar pen holder.

Jack-O-Lantern Substitute

When Halloween rolls around (or, if you’re someone for whom Halloween decorations are simply called decorations) consider using these painted jar luminaries.The finished product is jars with spooky faces. Put a candle inside to create the glowing effect. Again, you can use your imagination here. Create city or mountain scenes, or anything else you like.

Mason Jar Oil Lamp

It turns out that mason jars can make great oil lamps. Who knew? This DIY covers creating a lovely still life scene that includes such an oil lamp, so scroll down about half way for the mason jar section. This could be charming for a candlelight (oil lamp light) dinner.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Here’s something that’s useful, attractive, and might surprise your friends. Imagine putting your spices in short, labeled mason jars, and then sticking them, lid side, against a free wall in your kitchen. That’s basically what this is. This magnetic spice rack project uses mason jars, a stainless steel metal sheet, magnets, and some other items to create.

Hanging Mason Jar Storage

This is one of my favorites, and it’s similar to the magnetic spice rack. The thing with hanging mason jars though is that this project is ideal for larger jars storing things like pasta and popcorn. In short, along the underside of your cabinets, you attach mason jar lids, and then you screw the mason jars into them. When you need the contents of a jar, twist it free.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Yes, it’s possible to use mason jars like light bulbs, if you know what you’re doing. This idea for a mason jar chandelier can add DIY beauty to your kitchen. While the instructions show one design, you might consider changing the arrangement of the jars, perhaps putting them in a circular or another favorite shape.

Tissue Holder

Here’s another place you can add some style to your home: replace your tissue boxes with mason jar tissue holders. This tutorial shows how to use your favorite mason jars, some scrapbook paper, an x-acto knife, scissors, and finally, some facial tissue to create these specialized jars.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

We’ve covered storing spices, noodles, and popcorn in mason jars, so it only makes sense to use a pair of small jars as salt and pepper shakers. This tutorial covers everything from putting the big S and P on the jars, painting and smoothing them, and poking the holes in the lids.

Mason Jar Pantry

Do you get tired of how the packaging for your favorite cooking and baking ingredients don’t fit together? This mason jar pantry DIY goes into detail about switching items to mason jars, and what ingredients you should have in each, from walnuts to chocolate chips to wild rice.

Toothpick Dispenser

So, you’re having a dinner party with everyone’s favorite foods, which happen to include corn on the cob and steak. Yes, these delicious foods are known for getting stuck in your teeth. What are your guests to do? Before your party, make this mason jar toothpick dispenser. A small jelly jar is ideal. Take off the lid, and use a hammer and nail to poke nine or ten holes in the top. Fill the jar with toothpicks pointed upward, and replace the lid.

Condiment Dispensers

This mason jar condiment dispenser project will take a little work, but what a great way to replace your standard plastic and glass ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard containers. The most important parts are the mason jars and the mason jar pump lids. The tutorial goes into decorating the jars as well.

Mason Jar Tumbler

Take a mason jar, punch a hole in the top that’s the right size for a straw, and you now have a new way to enjoy your cold beverages. If you’re having difficulty getting that hold just right, you can purchase a ready-to-go mason jar tumbler from The Mason Bar Company, and take your country-living style on the go, or just out to the porch.

With a little work and imagination, you can create a fun, unifying style in your kitchen and the rest of your home using mason jars. Try some of the ideas above and see what you think!

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