12 Items Your Moving Company Won’t Move

Krista Diamond | October 10, 2017 @ 9:00 AM

Have you ever heard the term “non-allowables”? Unless you work for a moving company, you probably haven’t. But if you’re planning a move—and more importantly, if you’re planning on using movers—it’s a term you need to get familiar with.

A non-allowable is an item that movers won’t move. Occasionally this means that a mover will move the item but won’t pack it. Generally speaking, however, a non-allowable is an item that you should either plan on moving yourself or get rid of.

Your moving company will have its own policy regarding which items are classified as non-allowables, so be sure to check with them before moving day, but in the meantime here are 12 items that most movers won’t move:


Kind of a no brainer. Unless you’re using a pet moving service (which is a whole other thing), you can’t expect your furbabies to catch a ride in the moving truck.


Even on the road, pest invasions can happen. Your movers don’t want rodents and bugs in their truck and you don’t want pests in your stuff. It doesn’t matter whether it’s frozen, packaged or so processed it’s barely even food (ahem, Cheez Whiz). Movers won’t move your food.


Gasoline is explosive. And you don’t want to be some weird gasoline hoarder anyway. Next.

Nail Polish Remover

This is one you probably wouldn’t think of, but it makes sense. Nail polish remover is highly flammable, and while this may come as a surprise to you, movers prefer it when their trucks don’t catch on fire.


Again, pretty explosive. Guns and ammunition are notoriously hard to ship and store, so if you have to do either, plan ahead.


Are you a mob boss with trunks full of money? If the answer is no (and honestly, even if the answer is yes), don’t plan on having movers handle all of those stacks on stacks of cash.


If you’re still bumming out the ozone layer by using aerosol hair spray—or aerosol anything—know that your moving company doesn’t want those explosive cans in with your stuff.

Important Documents

This is one thing that movers might move, but you should consider moving yourself anyway. Important documents like birth certificates, social security cards and wills are oftentimes tough—and occasionally impossible—to replace. The same goes for family photos and anything with sentimental value. Insurance can recoup the cost of lost, damaged or destroyed items, but it can’t replace your child’s first drawing.


Fireworks are patriotic. Putting them in a hot, contained space like a moving truck? Not so much.

Liquid Chemicals

You might be thinking, “I’m not a scientist; I don’t have any liquid chemicals.” But what about that bleach in your laundry closet? That window cleaner under your sink? Those pool chemicals in your shed? You likely have more liquid chemicals than you realize, so take that into account before moving day.


Liquid. Flammable. Makes the world’s biggest mess when it spills. Any questions?


Regardless of what level of moving insurance or self storage insurance you get, there are some items that moving companies just don’t want to take risks on. We suggest you keep your diamond necklaces where you can see them: right around your neck.

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