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10 Signs It’s Time for a Storage Unit

Krista Diamond | January 11, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

  1. Your closet is so full that going into it requires a headlamp and spelunking equipment.

  2. You’re living in an apartment that has a combination bathroom/kitchen/bedroom that’s also being used as a closet.

  3. You have enough boxes in your garage to start your own professional maze business.

  4. You haven’t seen your cat, your dog or your roommate in weeks but you’re pretty sure you can hear them moving around amongst the clutter in your living room.

  5. You just moved from a $500 a month mansion in Alabama to a $3,000 a month closet in California.

  6. There are so many documents on the desk in your home office that you accidentally gave your boss last year’s tax return instead of the quarterly sales report.

  7. Your studio apartment is so tiny that your landlord describes it as a “minus 3 bedroom apartment.”

  8. You’ve had more than one shelf collapse under the weight of all of those mysterious boxes labelled “Stuff.”

  9. Your super poofy prom dress from the 80’s is taking up half of your closet but you’re convinced you’ll wear it again someday.

  10. You’re this guy in Williamsburg who lives in a crawl space.

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