Six Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas for Under $10

Jon Fesmire | February 27, 2014 @ 4:27 PM

You’ve heard the saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” However, it’s not always easy to find a place for everything, especially in the kitchen where so many tools are oddly shaped. Here are solutions we’ve found, each of which costs under $10, to help you keep your kitchen in order.

Use Command Hooks to Hang Lids

Price: $9.31

These are plastic hooks you can attach to walls or inside cabinets, and they’re great for hanging all sorts of items. In the kitchen, use them to hang things like pot lids, measuring spoons, spatulas and whisks.

Use Tension Rods to Easily Store Trays, Sheets, and Lids

Price: $7.99

Add a few tension rods, installed vertically and spaced every four to six inches, to a lower kitchen cupboard. Between them, you’ll be able to place cooking sheets of various types. Since you’ll be storing these vertically as well, it will be easy to remove just the one you need when you’re ready to bake a tray of french fries or chocolate chip cookies.

Put a Turntable in Your Refrigerator

Price: $8.27

You need to keep your mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces cold in the refrigerator, but it’s often a pain when you need to reach for one and you knock the others over. A 10” turntable can easily solve this issue. Put it on a shelf in your fridge, put items such items all around it, and give it a slow turn to get to what you need.

Throw Your Snacks into a Shoe Organizer

Price: $6.99

While designed to help keep your shoes organized, these work great for making snacks easily accessible. Hang one of these on the inside door of your pantry and fill each pouch with a different type of snack. These can be for you, your kids, or your entire family. This can also make packing school lunches easy. Just open the pantry and put together a school meal from the selections you’ve gathered.

Stack Your Cookie Cutters around a Paper Towel Holder

Price: $7.98

Cookie cutters, with all their odd shapes, are tough to organize and can easily fill a drawer or two in your kitchen. If you like to bake and you have enough counter room, get one or two of these paper towel holders and stack your cutters vertically. The end result will look neat and interesting, save room in drawers, and make your cookie cutters easily available.

Keep Placemats in Magazine Filers

Price: $7.99

Do you have a set of placemats in the bottom of a drawer, under your silverware? Do you have paper plates in a cupboard underneath cups or food? There’s a better way to keep these organized. Put a magazine file box or two in a cabinet, toward the side, and you’ll be able to use those to store your placemats, paper plates, and napkins. The next time you have guests over or don’t feel like doing dishes, these will all be easy to access when you make the table.

We hope these ideas give you an easy, and affordable start at improving organization and accessibility in your kitchen!

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